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Welcome to my Blog 🙂

I was born May 1956, so I have had over 60 years on this earth! I have had a hugely interesting life and look forward to many more years, and experiences to come.

I live in the wonderful country of New Zealand near the city of New Plymouth, and 20 minutes away from Mount Taranaki. I have written a blog post about New Plymouth, so do a search for it, and have a read. It’s a great place 🙂 Maybe you could come visit one day?

I am a Christian and I trust God for strength, peace and joy for each and every day, and He never fails to supply those needs… as I keep trusting and looking to Him, the author and perfector of my faith.

I also have an amazing family!

Family group

Over the years, I have been a very busy Mum to six children. My 4 adult sons have now become grown men, with one living in London, one in Sydney, one touring the world, and one now living back home with us. My eldest daughter has moved back home as well, she is 26, but is in the process of building her own home with her partner. The youngest daughter lives in Auckland, NZ and is 24.

When I mention my children in my blog posts, they will now be named C1 through to C6. The grandchildren will be G1 through to G8. My daughter in laws will be D1, D2 and D3! Because of privacy, and stalkers, I have had to make these changes. I will be slowly going through all my posts to update with these changes!


In January 2016 we had huge changes in our lives again! We have have become parents all over again with gaining custody of three of our grand children! Life is very full and busy again! We also have another 5 grand children, three girls and two boys, with three of them living in Sydney. They are all such a delight.

I have always been independent even as a little child. I am from a very loving family, with three sisters and a brother.  I was the baby of the family! I left home at 15 and I got married at 18. Remarried the same man after I found out he had been unfaithful and forgave him, as forgiveness is part of being a christian. I then had my 4th child to him… only to find that he was still being unfaithful. I went through a divorce, was a solo mother to 4 boys for 3 years, then met and married my ‘Boaz’, and had 2 more children, both girls. What a journey! But with a fabulous end. I wouldn’t change a thing 🙂

“Sometimes the bumpy road leads to the greatest destinations” (Joyce Meyer)

I love to be busy! I can’t just sit and watch Television….I have to have something else happening as well. I either do scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting or sewing. I also have a fabulous craft room which also has a big screen television and computers.  I love to spend time out there creating and working on my many projects 🙂

This blog is the place where I share my creations with you. It’s my hope that somehow I can encourage you, the  reader, to also get creative. I’ve tried to help with detailed instructions on my patchwork projects, my cake creations, and I have shared many photos of my scrapbook pages. I love copying pages! Hopefully you may find some of my pages worth copying 🙂

My husband and I have done a fair bit of travelling! With family living overseas, we have combined visiting them, with exploring some amazing places in the wonderful world we live in. I also share some of those places in my blog posts. Have a look and I hope you get inspired to visit them for yourself.

Thank you for visiting my page.

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