Yes..I have been busy :-)

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A variety of Stampin Up Scrapbook pages and cards that I have made during the last 2 weeks. The more I use Stampin Up cardstock and accessories…the more I love them. It is so good to be able to match the card, the ink and ribbons. It makes scrapbooking so much easier and also helps when buying product. You know that you will use the paper and that you will have less wasteage! It is also good to be able to check out the range of colours available with Stampin Up products and to find out what colours match together. Then you can use that information when creating your page or card. It’s also great to be able to stamp an image and use it in your scrapbooking layout, knowing that you can select the ink to match the colours on the page. Lots of fun! Don’t forget…WOW…Welcome on Wednesdays at 10am. A time to get together and hopefully create your own beautiful scrapbooking page, or maybe a card or two! email me at