Cork to Rosslare

A sleep in this morning until 8am!!! So nice…not that it hasn’t happened before but I was up writing in my blog and loading photos until 1am! We still managed to get packed up and leave the B&B and be sitting having our breakfast at 9.30. We decided to go to a local cafe for breakfast as 9 euro each fro breakfast at the homestay seemed a little too dear. We all had a good nights sleep and the place was clean and the people welcoming 🙂

We needed to travel to Rosslare today, a 3 hour drive if we just drove without any stops, but we wanted to see some sights on the way. So any spots on the map that had a star on it we decided was worth a visit. A little beach resort named Ardmore was our first stop. We had beautiful blue sunny skies all the way there, but as we drove down to the village the sea fog came in from the sea and covered the town. It was still a great little place to visit and we walked part of the way down their cliff walk.

Our next place was another little narrow street village called New Ross. A lovely place! We wandered the streets and then had our lunch at a little restaurant. Quite basic but very friendly people.

We travelled on to the Dunbrody Abbey and Castle. The Abbey was a litle walk from the castle where there was a little shop selling tickets. The castle itself wasn’t open as what was left of it had been converted to the shop. The Abbey cost 2euro per adult and we were given the key to be able to go and explore all on our own. Well…it was great! We were so pleased that we decided to visit it and to be able to wander through as long as we wanted was an extra blessing. It was in ruins but what was left showed us just how big and magnificent it would have been in its time. It was constructed in 1170 and took 50 years to complete. How they built such amazingly big buildings in that era just astounds me! I will attach some photos 🙂

We drove on to another town that had viking influence. Another narrow street town. It was lovely. It’s hard to describe how cute these towns look. The little shops all join together and are painted in different colours and all without verandahs. As you drive up to the street Judy and I are saying ‘!! I have videoed many as we drive through, but photos just don’t do them justice.

We are now sitting in our very nice B&B. We have had tea at the local pub and were served by a lovely  girl. The Irish people are so friendly! This is our last night in Ireland. Tomorrow we catch the Ferry to Wales. We will be sad to leave Ireland as it has been a fabulous time here, but we still have so much yet to see. Now to get some photos loaded, shower and sleep 🙂

Killarney to Cork

Last night we actually stayed in a Hotel and it was busy! It was called a bed and breakfast Hotel but it really was a Hotel with a restaurant and a Bar. We went down for tea and there were children running around everywhere and the noise was unbelievable. Lovely happy sounds though of families out having fun together. Breakfast was included in the room rate so we were able to go down to the dining room this morning and have a lovely full breakfast.

So once again we packed the car and were off on our way to Cork. It was a really easy and quite a fast trip. We arrived at Blarney Castle at 11am and found a car park straight away. Blarney Castle is a really high Castle and has plenty of Castle left to explore among the ruins. We paid the entry fee and started our 3 hours of fun! We started at the bottom looking at the lower rooms. Some were very dark and damp but quite interesting as the doorways were low and the floor wet and muddy. Each level had plenty to look at and amazing views from the windows. The fun part was walking up the steep spiral uneven stairs! Exciting and scary! But the most exciting thing was actually kissing the Blarney Stone! To do this you had to lay on your back on the floor at the top of the castle. A man holds you while you slide out over the edge, hang your top half of your body down and kiss the stone on the wall! I was first and then Len. Both Judy and Robin had decided not to do it as it looked too scary (Well I think Robin was more worried about losing his hearing aids and glasses)…but eventually they both did it as well. It was fabulous…a really great thing to do! Another thing I can tick off the bucket list! And once again, it is something you just have to experience to really appreciated the thrill of it all!

We continued exploring the gardens and surrounding areas of the Blarney Castle until 2pm and then went and had a late lunch.

After lunch we continued on the drive to Cork and to our accommodation. The late afternoon was spent looking around Cork and then finishing off with a lovely meal out.

Another fabulous day to be had by all. I am now sitting on my bed writing this while the other three snore away! I will add some photos and join them in no time. Apparently I snore the loudest at times…so Judy says…but she can’t hear herself like I hear her now 🙂  (hehe)

Dingle to Killarney

Today we had breakfast with another couple alongside us. They came from Holland and were very chatty. The male of the couple had been to New Zealand and he loved it. He is busy saving for another trip as he has only been to the North Island and he wants to go to the South Island as well. He thinks that Ireland is very much like New Zealand. Funny thing is that we have been saying the very same thing the whole time we have been travelling in Ireland as well. Although, I think it has a lot more rocky parts. I have been amazed at how much of the land is very stoney. The poor Farmers must have to shift so much of the stone in order to get more fertile farm land. At least they have made good use of the rocks. Every fence line is made up of stone walls. They look great too! When you are a up in the highlands looking down on the lowlands you see the patterns of all the walls decorating the scene. It looks almost patchwork, and very picturesque. I have taken so many photos! I hope that I can remember the sights all my life J

We travelled from Ventry near Dingle to Killarney via The Ring Of Kerry. Now…if you want to see some amazing views that is the place to go! One moment we were down at the seaside and the next we were driving up steep narrow roads and ending up on very high hills. Most of the places that had the best views had lookout points…and every one of them was filled with tourists. The tour buses travel that route and they know where to stop. It’s no wonder though as the views are wonderful. The sad thing for us was that it was raining this morning and even though it did clear up, and we had sunshine in the lowlands, as soon as we went higher we were in low cloud and rain again. Not all the time but quite a bit of it. We still got as many photos as possible, but they would have been much better if it was fine and clear.

We are staying at a Bed and Breakfast Hotel this time. We are settled in for the night and have been and had a lovely meal…much like a home cooked one tonight and it was great! Robin has done some washing and we have his clothes hanging everywhere in our room and bathroom to dry. Judy and Len have been doing a little every night, and I have kept up with knickers and bras! We still have lots of clothes to wear though so all is good! Makes you appreciate automatic washing machines I tell you.

Well off to sleep now. We are heading for Cork tomorrow and I may kiss that Blarney Stone!!!

The Burren to Dingle

Oh my goodness…did I order way too much breakfast or what!!! We had to put our order in the night before…and it was before tea…and I must have been hungry! I ordered the cereal and the cooked breakfast. The bowl of Muesli was filled to the top…and the cooked breakfast had half a plate full of Baked Beans, as well as Bacon and eggs…and toast. I was soooo full!

We had a really good nights sleep though and woke up to a beautiful sunny day. We packed up and drove off to Dingle. On the way we went over a high hill range and saw some very pretty sights…well I call them pretty…but really just some amazing landscapes. We stopped the car a few times for photos. Our first real stop as tourists was the Cliffs of Moher. At first we thought that Mokau in New Zealand has better to offer, but as we walked closed and actually looked down the cliffs, we realised that they really were quite spectacular! Photos will help to describe them…I hope!

We passed through some lovely little villages and made our way to Killimer. At Killimer we caught the ferry to Tarbert Island…which isn’t really an island! We went from County Clare to County Kerry. The ferry was great fun. Just drove on, sat in the car (or walked about like I did taking photos) and then drove off a half hour later. And this time the water was very calm and it was a pleasant ride 🙂

We had a late lunch at Tralee (you know ‘The Rose of Tralee contest at home!), and we were quite suprised at how big Tralee was. Last night we decided to look up Limerick on the internet and You Tube and decided that we would give it a miss and just drive on to Dingle. Dingle is a lovely little seaside place, and we have now settled into our homestay. We’ve been out to tea at a local cafe that was celebrating ‘Bastille Day’. They had a pianist and violinist playing for entertainment while we all ate. It has been a lovely warm day, but has cooled off during the evening. The wind was a bit cool at the cliffs of Moher too, but we didn’t have rain and that was really good!

Well I will attach some photos, have a shower and wash my hair, then maybe play a game on my iphone. Isn’t it so nice to relax! I just wish some magic fairy would do all the washing that is in my suitcase! I am fast running out of clean clothes!!!

We are doing the ‘Ring of Kerry’ tomorrow! A lot of driving but we have heard it is well worth it. Ending up at Kilarney 🙂


Dublin to The Burren

Woke up to a wet morning and worried that the day was going to continue being wet. Packed up the car and headed off in the rain to Galway. About a half hour down the road the rain had stopped, and we then had a beautiful warm sunny day for the rest of the day!!! Galway is a lovely town We parked and walked to the town square and had lunch at a very old pub. The food, atmosphere and the furnishings were fabulous but we forgot to take any photos to show you! We wandered down ‘Shop Street’, a well known street that locals and tourists frequent. It was full of people. I couldn’t get over the huge crowd! There were also buskers everywhere….and human statues…and actors! Very entertaining! Some were a little odd though I must admit 🙂 We walked right along the boardwalk by the river and took some photos. There were many extentions to the river around the town and weirs for the Salmon. The place is well known for it’s Salmon. We took a couple of photos of men in the middle of the very fast flowing river trying to catch fish..either Salmon or Trout….we weren’t quite sure.

On the road again and we arrived at our Bed and Breakfast at The Burren. The name of the B&B is Cappabhaile House and it is lovely. We are so thankful to have some room after the last 2 nights at Dublin. We ventured out to the local for tea and once again were fed really well! I am beginning to look about 6 months pregnant! I don’t know how I am going to be able to do mainly music when I get back home. I joked about getting up at 6.30 in the morning and going for a jog….yeah right!..anyone that knows me well will know that that is an impossibility! I am NOT a morning person at all! The Burren is a lovely area. We are by the sea and we even went for a walk down the little jetty after tea.

We are off to Dingle tomorrow via the cliffs of Moher, and will be catching a ferry at Killimer! We had a beautiful sunset tonight so lets hope the fine weather will continue. Here are some photos of another lovely day…

Still in Dublin

We actually had a pretty good nights sleep! All up and ready to go by 9am, and a beautiful sunny day as well. We decided to take the on/off bus around Dublin to see what the city had to offer. All together we think that it is quite a nice city but nothing really spectacular. They have some amazing old buildings and Churches and yet all quite grey looking. The Guiness distillery takes up much of the land! We stayed on the bus until we had done the whole round, went and got some lunch, and then did our own exploring by foot. We had heard so much about The Tamper Bar so decided that it was worth a visit. The whole Tamper Bar area is really great. Buskers out doing their thing and pubs with live music as well. We went into ‘The Tamper Bar’ itself and stayed there for about an hour as the musician there was a really good singer and guitarist as well worth listening to. One of the streets in the city was absolutely packed with people so that was our next place to go. It was actually the main shopping street and most shops had sales. Len went and got his hair cut, Robin got some more batteries for his hearing aids and Judy and I went shopping. We had booked the ghost bus tour for 8pm, and as it was a beautiful sunny morning this morning, we realised we were way under dressed for cold night air. So after a bit of looking around we brought ourselves some good old trackies and a top each! The ghost bus tour was great..a lot of laughs with a great tour guide…and not really a scary as we expected.

Home by taxi at 10.30…shower and off to bed. We have to pack up the car in the morning as we are heading for the other side of Ireland. This holiday is great!!! 🙂

I will load photos from today and also yesterday as I didn’t get good internet until tonight 🙂


Belfast to Dublin

Woke up to a sunny beautiful morning. Robin and I slept in the lounge on a sofa bed…and had a lovely sleep. Judy and Len had the bedroom with a beautiful soft Double bed. I woke up with indigestion (from an amazing Lasagna I had for tea last night….it was really yummy!) at 3.30 and at the same time Judy and Len walked into the lounge. Their neighbours were having a party and they were making so much noise that Judy and Len couldn’t sleep! It was so quiet in the lounge I couldn’t believe it, but they were right….going into their room and you could hear the whole noise of the party. It continued until 5am. Consequently we left the owner of the apartment a lovely email!!! Later on in the day we went on the on/off bus tour of the town and learnt that it was a Belfast holiday. A time to celebrate the Orange festival. That was probably why the neighbours were partying! Bomb fires were set up all over the town in the Royalist areas but none in the Irish areas. The Royalists were also having a huge march on the 12th. After listening to the whole story on the bus and seeing the division between both groups eg high fences with barb wire and concrete walls, royalist flags flying high on one side and irish flags on the other, we were actually rather happy to be moving on to Dublin. Who knows what is going to happen during the parades?

We travelled on to Carlingford, a place which a local suggested we visit. A lovely fishing town with narrow streets and many old buildings dating back to the Vikings. It really was worth a visit. We also visited a pub called Fitzpatricks….another suggested visit. I will load up some photos when I can…our internet isn’t too hot tonight. They have filled up their garden and pub with antiques….so quaint!

On our way to Dublin we travelled through a big thunder/lightening and heavy rain storm….but by the time we got there it was sunny again. We even went out for a walk to get tea and home again afterwards. Our bed and breakfast is a little less desireable than others we have stayed in. We even walked to a local hotel to see if they had room for us! When we found out the the room charge rate is Euro200 per night and we would have to have separate rooms …so Euro400 per night!….and we are staying here for two nights. The Bed and Breakfast didn’t seem so bad after all at Euro140 for 2 nights for 4 of us….so here we are staying 🙂 With all its funny noises…in go the earplugs for the night zzzzzzzz

Prestwick to Belfast

Man…you should have seen how small our toilet/bathroom was last night!!! The bedroom area was big and had plenty of room, but the distance between the toilet and shower was just wide enough to sit down on the toilet. Wiping the bottom was an acrobatic manouver!!! But we all managed! The shower was only just wide enough to fit in and wash, and you had to open the bathroom door to get dressed. That detail wasn’t mentioned in the internet booking….and probably should be! A larger person would never fit!

We caught the Ferry at Troon at 10am to get to Larne, Northern Ireland. The trip was for two hours and actually got a bit rough half way. I didn’t really like the rough bit! We arrived to a beautiful sunny day and travelled an hour and a half to a little village before the Giants Causeway. There we had a lovely lunch before moving on. We had heard so much about the giants causeway but never imagined it was so big and picturesque. I will add heaps of photos as it is well worth a look at and definitely a visit!

We moved on to a place that has a swing bridge from the mainland to an island, built by the locals to go Salmon fishing. It has become a favourite tourist spot as well. It was 5pm when we got there and we had every intention of walking across this narrow swing bridge. Sadly it was closing at 7pm…is a mile walk in…and when we went to purchase our tickets were told that there was a 15 minute backlog in both directions! We were never going to have time to do it plus get to Belfast for tea and booking into the Apartment! So instead we decided to drive the scenic route to Belfast….and it was worth it!

We arrived at Belfast at 7pm and it was still warm and sunny (although the wind was a bit cold). Our apartment is lovely and we have walked 5 or so blocks to a lovely restaurant for tea and are now back ‘home’. On our way home we met a lovely local man who gave us plenty of ideas to look at in the next few days. So it’s off to bed now and hopefully a lovely nights sleep….Dublin here we come!