The Burren to Dingle

Oh my goodness…did I order way too much breakfast or what!!! We had to put our order in the night before…and it was before tea…and I must have been hungry! I ordered the cereal and the cooked breakfast. The bowl of Muesli was filled to the top…and the cooked breakfast had half a plate full of Baked Beans, as well as Bacon and eggs…and toast. I was soooo full!

We had a really good nights sleep though and woke up to a beautiful sunny day. We packed up and drove off to Dingle. On the way we went over a high hill range and saw some very pretty sights…well I call them pretty…but really just some amazing landscapes. We stopped the car a few times for photos. Our first real stop as tourists was the Cliffs of Moher. At first we thought that Mokau in New Zealand has better to offer, but as we walked closed and actually looked down the cliffs, we realised that they really were quite spectacular! Photos will help to describe them…I hope!

We passed through some lovely little villages and made our way to Killimer. At Killimer we caught the ferry to Tarbert Island…which isn’t really an island! We went from County Clare to County Kerry. The ferry was great fun. Just drove on, sat in the car (or walked about like I did taking photos) and then drove off a half hour later. And this time the water was very calm and it was a pleasant ride πŸ™‚

We had a late lunch at Tralee (you know ‘The Rose of Tralee contest at home!), and we were quite suprised at how big Tralee was. Last night we decided to look up Limerick on the internet and You Tube and decided that we would give it a miss and just drive on to Dingle. Dingle is a lovely little seaside place, and we have now settled into our homestay. We’ve been out to tea at a local cafe that was celebrating ‘Bastille Day’. They had a pianist and violinist playing for entertainment while we all ate. It has been a lovely warm day, but has cooled off during the evening. The wind was a bit cool at the cliffs of Moher too, but we didn’t have rain and that was really good!

Well I will attach some photos, have a shower and wash my hair, then maybe play a game on my iphone. Isn’t it so nice to relax! I just wish some magic fairy would do all the washing that is in my suitcase! I am fast running out of clean clothes!!!

We are doing the ‘Ring of Kerry’ tomorrow! A lot of driving but we have heard it is well worth it. Ending up at Kilarney πŸ™‚


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