Dingle to Killarney

Today we had breakfast with another couple alongside us. They came from Holland and were very chatty. The male of the couple had been to New Zealand and he loved it. He is busy saving for another trip as he has only been to the North Island and he wants to go to the South Island as well. He thinks that Ireland is very much like New Zealand. Funny thing is that we have been saying the very same thing the whole time we have been travelling in Ireland as well. Although, I think it has a lot more rocky parts. I have been amazed at how much of the land is very stoney. The poor Farmers must have to shift so much of the stone in order to get more fertile farm land. At least they have made good use of the rocks. Every fence line is made up of stone walls. They look great too! When you are a up in the highlands looking down on the lowlands you see the patterns of all the walls decorating the scene. It looks almost patchwork, and very picturesque. I have taken so many photos! I hope that I can remember the sights all my life J

We travelled from Ventry near Dingle to Killarney via The Ring Of Kerry. Now…if you want to see some amazing views that is the place to go! One moment we were down at the seaside and the next we were driving up steep narrow roads and ending up on very high hills. Most of the places that had the best views had lookout points…and every one of them was filled with tourists. The tour buses travel that route and they know where to stop. It’s no wonder though as the views are wonderful. The sad thing for us was that it was raining this morning and even though it did clear up, and we had sunshine in the lowlands, as soon as we went higher we were in low cloud and rain again. Not all the time but quite a bit of it. We still got as many photos as possible, but they would have been much better if it was fine and clear.

We are staying at a Bed and Breakfast Hotel this time. We are settled in for the night and have been and had a lovely meal…much like a home cooked one tonight and it was great! Robin has done some washing and we have his clothes hanging everywhere in our room and bathroom to dry. Judy and Len have been doing a little every night, and I have kept up with knickers and bras! We still have lots of clothes to wear though so all is good! Makes you appreciate automatic washing machines I tell you.

Well off to sleep now. We are heading for Cork tomorrow and I may kiss that Blarney Stone!!!

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