Killarney to Cork

Last night we actually stayed in a Hotel and it was busy! It was called a bed and breakfast Hotel but it really was a Hotel with a restaurant and a Bar. We went down for tea and there were children running around everywhere and the noise was unbelievable. Lovely happy sounds though of families out having fun together. Breakfast was included in the room rate so we were able to go down to the dining room this morning and have a lovely full breakfast.

So once again we packed the car and were off on our way to Cork. It was a really easy and quite a fast trip. We arrived at Blarney Castle at 11am and found a car park straight away. Blarney Castle is a really high Castle and has plenty of Castle left to explore among the ruins. We paid the entry fee and started our 3 hours of fun! We started at the bottom looking at the lower rooms. Some were very dark and damp but quite interesting as the doorways were low and the floor wet and muddy. Each level had plenty to look at and amazing views from the windows. The fun part was walking up the steep spiral uneven stairs! Exciting and scary! But the most exciting thing was actually kissing the Blarney Stone! To do this you had to lay on your back on the floor at the top of the castle. A man holds you while you slide out over the edge, hang your top half of your body down and kiss the stone on the wall! I was first and then Len. Both Judy and Robin had decided not to do it as it looked too scary (Well I think Robin was more worried about losing his hearing aids and glasses)…but eventually they both did it as well. It was fabulous…a really great thing to do! Another thing I can tick off the bucket list! And once again, it is something you just have to experience to really appreciated the thrill of it all!

We continued exploring the gardens and surrounding areas of the Blarney Castle until 2pm and then went and had a late lunch.

After lunch we continued on the drive to Cork and to our accommodation. The late afternoon was spent looking around Cork and then finishing off with a lovely meal out.

Another fabulous day to be had by all. I am now sitting on my bed writing this while the other three snore away! I will add some photos and join them in no time. Apparently I snore the loudest at times…so Judy says…but she can’t hear herself like I hear her now 🙂  (hehe)

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