Cork to Rosslare

A sleep in this morning until 8am!!! So nice…not that it hasn’t happened before but I was up writing in my blog and loading photos until 1am! We still managed to get packed up and leave the B&B and be sitting having our breakfast at 9.30. We decided to go to a local cafe for breakfast as 9 euro each fro breakfast at the homestay seemed a little too dear. We all had a good nights sleep and the place was clean and the people welcoming 🙂

We needed to travel to Rosslare today, a 3 hour drive if we just drove without any stops, but we wanted to see some sights on the way. So any spots on the map that had a star on it we decided was worth a visit. A little beach resort named Ardmore was our first stop. We had beautiful blue sunny skies all the way there, but as we drove down to the village the sea fog came in from the sea and covered the town. It was still a great little place to visit and we walked part of the way down their cliff walk.

Our next place was another little narrow street village called New Ross. A lovely place! We wandered the streets and then had our lunch at a little restaurant. Quite basic but very friendly people.

We travelled on to the Dunbrody Abbey and Castle. The Abbey was a litle walk from the castle where there was a little shop selling tickets. The castle itself wasn’t open as what was left of it had been converted to the shop. The Abbey cost 2euro per adult and we were given the key to be able to go and explore all on our own. Well…it was great! We were so pleased that we decided to visit it and to be able to wander through as long as we wanted was an extra blessing. It was in ruins but what was left showed us just how big and magnificent it would have been in its time. It was constructed in 1170 and took 50 years to complete. How they built such amazingly big buildings in that era just astounds me! I will attach some photos 🙂

We drove on to another town that had viking influence. Another narrow street town. It was lovely. It’s hard to describe how cute these towns look. The little shops all join together and are painted in different colours and all without verandahs. As you drive up to the street Judy and I are saying ‘!! I have videoed many as we drive through, but photos just don’t do them justice.

We are now sitting in our very nice B&B. We have had tea at the local pub and were served by a lovely  girl. The Irish people are so friendly! This is our last night in Ireland. Tomorrow we catch the Ferry to Wales. We will be sad to leave Ireland as it has been a fabulous time here, but we still have so much yet to see. Now to get some photos loaded, shower and sleep 🙂

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