Fishguard to Painswick

There’s not a lot to say about today as we were catching the Ferry then driving on the motorway for most of the day. Not a lot of photos taken either, so I will load them up with the next days photos 🙂

I overate last night and suffered a very windy tummy all night. So it was a restless night for me! The tea was so nice though. I think it was all the garlic in the gravy! When the alarm went off at 6am, I wasn’t very happy. It was way too early to get up, but we had a ferry to catch. During the night I decided not to eat any breakfast but when we got down to the dining room and I saw the food…and I ate it all up! Our accommodation was great and the owners were very friendly 🙂

We got to the ferry terminal within about 5 minutes as it was just down the road. The boat trip lasted 3 hours and was a pretty calm sailing (thank goodness). We had a bit of a distance to travel so we got on the road only stopping for a quick lunch and a drink later on. When you drive down the M4 you don’t really get to see much scenery, so when we got closer to our Bed and Breakfast we left the motorway and travelled down the country roads for more views.

As we got closer to our B&B the roads got narrower and narrower until it was just a single lane. We really wondered if the tom tom was leading us wrong, but eventually we got to the place and found out that we had come through a back road. It was quite an experience. I booked our B&B through last while we were on the ferry, so I was a little bit worried that it wouldn’t really be suitable. There weren’t many available so we couldn’t be fussy. Thankfully we are all very happy with it. It is a historic building that has been done up and converted into a B&B and it is so nice. We haven’t stayed in anything like it before and we feel really blessed to have the experience!

We had tea at the restaurant downstairs which is run by a lovely Romanian couple. Another super meal! After tea we went for a walk to have a look around the local area. It is full of historical buildings with narrow roads. We love it! We have taken some photos but it was getting late and they are a little dark. I will add them anyway when we get internet next. Only 3 more nights in the UK after tonight. Sadly we are getting to the end of this fabulous holiday, but we have so many memories and thousands of photos 🙂

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