Painswick to Bournemouth

What a neat experience staying in our B&B last night. Robin and I slept in a four poster bed that was so high we needed a stool to get up into it. The whole place was centuries old and was in an area surrounded by historical buildings. We all slept really well and even managed to get some washing washed and dried!

Well what a huge day we had today! The list was 1. The Cotswolds 2. Bristol Suspension Bridge 3. Bath 4. Shaftesbury – Gold Hill 5. Burnemouth and tea with Robins family! The distance travelled seeemed like MILES! Both Judy and I are getting a little sick of sitting inthe back of the car. Worst of all is having no control! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a control freak!

But the day was great! We saw so much and loved it all. The Cotsdwolds are very picturesque to drive through. We stopped at a couple of the little villages to look around and see the historic houses closer up. One place was Bibery which had a trout farm and also one of the most pretty streets in England. I will add some photos of this place.

Bristol Suspension bridge was a recommendation by all the visitors guides, so we just had to divert to Bristol to check it out. We weren’t was quite a sight…and long and very high. We stopped under it for some photos but it just didn’t look as good as in real life.

Now Bath!! If you haven’t been to Bath, you have to add that to your ‘bucket list’. It HAS to be done. What an amazingly pretty historic town. Very much built on Roman influence. We included a visit into the Roman Baths this time. I was so pleased as I have been to Bath before so I had seen most of the touristy spots, but not inside the Baths. It was like a museum and very interesting 🙂

We have a photo at home of Barbara (Robins Mum) walking up a very steep hill with Ken and Margater Pittwood. The little houses in the photo are so quaint and old. I have always wanted to go to that very same spot. So that was our next port of call. Shaftesbury! We arrived around 5pm. Parked the car and walked Gold hill looking at the distant views on the way and also those very same little houses as in the photo. Such a great thing to do.

Next thing was piling into the car and driving as fast as we could to get to Bournemouth. The only trouble was the roads were very narrow, windy and hilly! The trip took much longer that we thought. But we also saw some very good views the whole trip. We arrived in Bournemouth at 8.15pm and booked into our B&B! Went to KFC and brought the worst tea of our whole holiday….yuck! But we didn’t have time to do anything different for tea as we had to take it around to Ken and Margarets place and eat it there. We are running out of holiday time very fast! But, we did have a lovely evening with the Bournemouth Pittwoods (well 3 of them) and had a pretty late night. The internet was useless at our B&B, so once again I could update my blog or load any photos.

My goodness have we stayed at some interesting places, seen some amazing things and had lots of laughs….so good for the soul 🙂


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