Prestwick to Belfast

Man…you should have seen how small our toilet/bathroom was last night!!! The bedroom area was big and had plenty of room, but the distance between the toilet and shower was just wide enough to sit down on the toilet. Wiping the bottom was an acrobatic manouver!!! But we all managed! The shower was only just wide enough to fit in and wash, and you had to open the bathroom door to get dressed. That detail wasn’t mentioned in the internet booking….and probably should be! A larger person would never fit!

We caught the Ferry at Troon at 10am to get to Larne, Northern Ireland. The trip was for two hours and actually got a bit rough half way. I didn’t really like the rough bit! We arrived to a beautiful sunny day and travelled an hour and a half to a little village before the Giants Causeway. There we had a lovely lunch before moving on. We had heard so much about the giants causeway but never imagined it was so big and picturesque. I will add heaps of photos as it is well worth a look at and definitely a visit!

We moved on to a place that has a swing bridge from the mainland to an island, built by the locals to go Salmon fishing. It has become a favourite tourist spot as well. It was 5pm when we got there and we had every intention of walking across this narrow swing bridge. Sadly it was closing at 7pm…is a mile walk in…and when we went to purchase our tickets were told that there was a 15 minute backlog in both directions! We were never going to have time to do it plus get to Belfast for tea and booking into the Apartment! So instead we decided to drive the scenic route to Belfast….and it was worth it!

We arrived at Belfast at 7pm and it was still warm and sunny (although the wind was a bit cold). Our apartment is lovely and we have walked 5 or so blocks to a lovely restaurant for tea and are now back ‘home’. On our way home we met a lovely local man who gave us plenty of ideas to look at in the next few days. So it’s off to bed now and hopefully a lovely nights sleep….Dublin here we come!

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