Onich to Prestwick (Still in Scotland)

Had a great nights sleep! It seeemed to be light outside all night as well. But, it was raining again this morning. Our first visit was to Falkirk to visit the Falkirk Wheel. Now if you have never heard of this before you would never guess what it is! It is huge, very interesting and well worth the visit. It is a big wheel which brings barges from one level to another….kind of hard to explain, but the pictures will tell the story! It does the same thing aS locks, but gets the barges down or up in one movement.

Our next stop was to Stirling Castle. We were told that you could spend 3 hours at the Castle and that we did! What a neat experience! Tons of photos taken there as well…and the weather cleared up just for us 🙂

Next we drove down to Glasgow to have a look at the town. We parked outside the Science museum and wandered about. The Science museum was designed for children and was full of families because it is the School Holidays here. We had a quick look and then moved on. We watched a bridge open up for a boat to go through and then close up again. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to discover more of Glasgow, but we had been told that we didn’t need to spend long there. What we saw was okay though 🙂

Because we are taking the Ferry to Ireland in the morning we moved on to Prestwick. Our Bed and Breakfast place is great and within walking distance to the local shops. The rain has started again (well it did in Glasgow actually) but only a drizzle so we ambled on down to the local for a lovely dinner. Back now to upload the photos, shower and bed 🙂 Off to Ireland in the morning….next part of the holiday begins!!!

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