Still in Dublin

We actually had a pretty good nights sleep! All up and ready to go by 9am, and a beautiful sunny day as well. We decided to take the on/off bus around Dublin to see what the city had to offer. All together we think that it is quite a nice city but nothing really spectacular. They have some amazing old buildings and Churches and yet all quite grey looking. The Guiness distillery takes up much of the land! We stayed on the bus until we had done the whole round, went and got some lunch, and then did our own exploring by foot. We had heard so much about The Tamper Bar so decided that it was worth a visit. The whole Tamper Bar area is really great. Buskers out doing their thing and pubs with live music as well. We went into ‘The Tamper Bar’ itself and stayed there for about an hour as the musician there was a really good singer and guitarist as well worth listening to. One of the streets in the city was absolutely packed with people so that was our next place to go. It was actually the main shopping street and most shops had sales. Len went and got his hair cut, Robin got some more batteries for his hearing aids and Judy and I went shopping. We had booked the ghost bus tour for 8pm, and as it was a beautiful sunny morning this morning, we realised we were way under dressed for cold night air. So after a bit of looking around we brought ourselves some good old trackies and a top each! The ghost bus tour was great..a lot of laughs with a great tour guide…and not really a scary as we expected.

Home by taxi at 10.30…shower and off to bed. We have to pack up the car in the morning as we are heading for the other side of Ireland. This holiday is great!!! 🙂

I will load photos from today and also yesterday as I didn’t get good internet until tonight 🙂


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