Just some cards

I seem to have had a run of friends that have been sick lately, so it has been time to create a few cards. I spend most of my creating time doing Scrapbooking pages, but I do still enjoy making my cards. I feel that to give a hand made card you send the love that you used while creating the card, along with the card. You see you can’t create a card for someone without thinking about the person it is being created for.

My youngest son has just got engaged as well and his girlfriend (fiance now) has a birthday this month. So birthday cards were needed as well.  My cards are pretty basic in comparison to some I see on other peoples blog pages, but I enjoy making them, and I think that practice can help me advance in my skill level.

I now have the new Stampin Up Catalogue and will be offering products for purchase from it on the 1st of September. The Catalogues are priced at $15.95 and are fantastic for using as an idea book, as well as for browsing the new Stampin Up products. Fun fun fun!!!

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