Guess what I have been up to???

Well….apart from the usual, housework, mothering, work, along with Stamping and Scrapbooking… I have had the sewing machine out and I have been doing some Patchwork!!!! Yes….I can’t believe it! I haven’t done any patchwork since I was a young thing! Mothers Day was the instigator. I decided to make something for Mum for Mothers Day and just loved the pillows I made so much that I didn’t want to give them away…so I had to make more for me. 3 for Mum and 5 for me!!! That was because I ran out of the material I was using for Mums ones. The ones I kept match our fireplace lounge really well, and I didn’t even think about that when I brought the material. It was such a good bargain I just brought it. I wasn’t even that keen on the patterns but they look great made up. I have now purchased some more material. I’m not sure what I’m going to make yet….but I am hoping for some inspiration. I have found so many neat patterns on the net….so now it’s a matter of just getting into it!!! If I can find time to do that! Life is just too busy! And I still want to find time for scrapbooking….my main passion 🙂

Have a look at what I created and see what you think???

Read my blog? Let me know what you are thinking :-)