My baby is growing up!

C6 has had her final day at Sacred Heart College. That means my baby has finished school! How scary is that! Although she is happy and can’t wait to get to Uni next year, I am feeling less excited. Home is not going to be the same without her! At least C5 will still be here (when she isn’t at WITT, the hospital, with her friends or at Powerco…busy girl that she is). Robin and I are going to have lots of time with just the two of us…I guess we will cope 🙂 Mmmm lots of time to scrapbook, do other craft and maybe go away and explore more of NZ and maybe another overseas trip???

Last Tuesday evening we had the school prize giving and then Wednesday night the leavers dinner! C6 had a fantastic time with her friends. This week has started off with exams for her. The first being Statistics at 1pm today. She really needs to get good marks to be accepted into Uni. The type of degree depends on her exam results. It may be Chemical Engineering, but it may also be a Science degree???

One Reply to “My baby is growing up!”

  1. Gorgeous photos. A story behind them all. Every one tells you that they grow up fast. I can’t imagine this time. I enjoyed catching your latest layouts and the amazing work you have been doing around your place. Really must come and scrap some time. Would love to catch up more than our busy time at music. Blessings

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