Easter 2012

Well Easter has been and gone and I had a fabulous time! I went to Sydney again for 5 days. I haven’t any holidays left at work so I had to squeeze the visit in between my Thursday and Friday work days. My sister Judy came over with me and she also took her grand daughter Abbie. C1 and D1 brought a new home in January so it was our first time to stay in it, and it is lovely. We also met their new little puppy Rosey. Now I want a dog too. Rosey is so cute! It was great to be with the family in Sydney again. We showed Abbie the Opera House, the harbour bridge and the monorail. On Saturday the children had an Easter Egg hunt and they each filled up their baskets! On the Sunday night we had a family dinner with C4 and D3 as well so we had quite a gathering. On the Monday we went to the Easter Show. I am sure there were over a million people there…it was packed! I was sad to leave as always and am hoping to go over again in September….maybe

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