Leeds to Windermere

WOW!! What a big breakfast! No need to stop for lunch today 🙂 I am sure I have doubled my weight!!! Today we left Leeds to travel to the famous town of York…and we were not disappointed! What an amazing place. We took the on/off bus to see the main sights of the city and then got off to view some places closer up. York Minster is huge and fabulous…we loved it! I have put up some photos from the inside and the outside. We also did the Viking museum but haven’t added photos as it was too dark inside. It was really interesting! From York we travelled to Haworth. Now that is a must visit for everyone who travels these roads! Just getting to Haworth was an ecxperience. It’s roads were barely wide enough for one car let alone two. Haworth has one street filled with shops that you have to walk up…and down. It is at about a 45 degree angle if not steeper and has very cute shops and cobblestone roads. I was in awe of it…such a neat little place. We ended up at Windermere which is a lakeside place. A very pretty town and also a must see ! Unfortunately for us it started to rain…well continued to rain. But we had a neat place to stay so who worrries about a little water.


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