Day 3 in San Francisco

Today was a relaxed morning. Robin has been suffering bad toothache for 3 days now so it was time to sort out a dentist to see him and sort it out. Appointment was made for 12.30 so we decided to go and try out a San Francisco tram. We only had to walk 2 blocks to get to it and it was $6 for the trip. Not too bad as it was one experience we really wanted to do, especially as you see them going up and down the steep streets on movies, and wonder what it would be like to ride on one personally. It was great. Only two people are allowed to travel outside on the back and Judy and I were the two people. I videoed nearly the whole trip. We got off at Chinatown so we could wander through but stopped at Starbucks for a coffee first. Robin then left us for his dentist appointment. Judy Len and I had fun exploring as many of the shops as possible and also had a lovely lunch at a chinese restaurant. We even walked all the way back to the Hotel as it was a lovely sunny day and actually really relaxing just wandering along.

Judy and I left Len about 3 blocks from the Hotel to do a bit of shopping before we leave San Francisco. The first real time of shopping with no time limits. And did we have fun. I only spent about $125 but loved every minute of the spend!

We decided to have tea at the Rainforest Cafe again as it is only down the road and serves fabulous meals. Another nice dinner to add to our growing list!

Home to pack our bags to 1. see if everything fits in and 2. see if there is room for any more shopping! We have until 5.20 tomorrow to fill in. At 5.20 the courtisy van takes us to the airport for our trip home! I can’t believe that that time has come so quickly. And yet….I find it hard to recall everything that we have done in the 6 weeks. It has been a very full trip with lots of happy moments and memories made. I have loved every single bit of the holiday and would do it all again if I could!

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