It’s January 2013!!!

I can’t believe how fast the last year went! Who would believe that we are now heading towards the middle of January 2013 already!

Well….life is great! I had a fabulous Christmas and even managed a week in Sydney with C1, D1, G1 and G3 (and had a night out with C4 and D3). Robin and the girls were also in Sydney for Christmas day so we had a lovely family time. C6 and I had to fly back home on Boxing Day because I had to work the next 2 days and C6 had booked to go to ‘Rhythm and Vines’ music festival.

Since being back home I have had Simon and the 2 boys staying plus C4 and D3 came to stay for about 5 nights as well. We tried to do as much as possible together for those 5 days. C3 left and went up to Hamilton where he is going to be best man for his friends wedding, and C4 and D3 flew back to Sydney. I still have my 2 grandsons staying and have been having so much fun with them.

Robin and C5 got back home on the 6th of January and both have been working again this week. Life is slowly getting back to normal and that means routine!

C5 turns 21 on the 15th so the next big event will be her birthday dinner. Luckily for me, she has booked her party at a local venue so I won’t have to be preparing food.

My crafting life has had to be put on hold during the Christmas season, but I have plenty of photos printed out ready for when time once again becomes available. I can’t wait! One thing that I have managed to fit in though is shifting a heap of my very old photos from their old unsafe photo albums, to new albums that are acid free. I purchased lots of photo life pages from ‘Simon Says’ and have found them a very quick way of getting the photos into albums and yet making them slightly more interesting than just plain photo albums. I have a long way to go before finishing them, but I am very happy with the progress so far.

I also made a few crafty things for gifts and also for selling in my sisters craft shop. I will attach some photos!

I will also add some photos of my fabulous family and of our time together celebrating our Saviours birthday 🙂

Jo Jess and Leeara Jo Ben Jess and Casey My three youngest :-) two beautiful Daughter in laws Joanna and Casey my two daughters Dad and daughter Rebecca and Casey Beautiful Joanna In the pool together Matthew and Casey Cute Casey Christmas dinner prep Christmas dinner Christmas dinner photo Ben teaching Jayden Bat down Bat down together night at the park lights two gorgeous grandsons boys doing what boys like to do At nana nanas Our santa sacks Casey and Rosey Up to mishief Christian? Dad Simon and Christian on the walkway Christian Jayden Ben and Chloe Jayden on his bike Simon helping Christian The boys at the windwand Flying Christian Jayden at Fitzroy pool feeding the rabbits at Pouakai animal farm boys feeding the animals Jayden and the goats Christian reading the map at Pukieti Map reading time a good photo spot Nana (me) and my grandsons Maori carvings and the boys Swimming at Corbett Road The water was freezing cold Cheeky Christian A Cricut creation doorstops I made for christmas My Christmas banner

Read my blog? Let me know what you are thinking :-)