Introducing Maisy

On the 12th of December 2012 a beautiful little puppy was born in a litter of four puppies. Three of the puppies were definitely black in colour and one was a little special. She was half brown (the top half) with the bottom half nearly black. It looked like this puppy had been dipped in black ink. Her Mum was white in colour and is Shih Tzu crossed with pooodle, and her Dad is black and is Shih Tzu crossed with Poodle. Robins brother and his family owned both the Mummy and Daddy dog and they were looking for new homes for the puppies.

Both Robin and I agonised over the decision of whether we should get one of the puppies. They were all so cute, but we knew that once you get a puppy you are committed to keeping it for maybe the next twenty years. And, they are a lot of work while they are still a puppy! And…we have just got to a time in our lives when we are able to go away on holidays and do not have to worry about children left at home, or babysitters. But…we fell in love with the different one and couldn’t resist her charm.

So let me introduce to you our little Maisy Mae…

very little
very little

Our little girl Little puppies IMG_3498 IMG_3502 IMG_3513 IMG_3748 IMG_3784 IMG_3786 iphone import Feb 2013 271 iphone import Feb 2013 273 iphone import Feb 2013 295 Feb 2013

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