Our family is expanding!

Our youngest grandchild Christian turned 4 in May. The oldest grandchild is Leeara and she was 16 in February. The two in the middle are Casey and Jayden. The are only a week apart in age. Jayden turned 7 on the 29th of January and Casey turned 7 on the 5th of February. So, for having 6 children ranging in age from 19 to 35 we only have 4 grandchildren…that is until now!!!

We have the best news ever. Stacie and Simon are having another baby due in February, and Matthew and Rebecca are due a month later. So exciting!! Our only prayer now is that Daniel and Marysias prayer will be answered. They lost little Lillianna at 4 months pregnancy and they are hoping God will bless them with another pregnancy….we are hoping and praying for them too!

Grandchildren are such a blessing!

Matthew and Rebeccas post on Facebook...very well done :-)
Matthew and Rebeccas post on Facebook…very well done 🙂
yes it's a positive....yay!!!
yes it’s a positive….yay!!!

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