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Right now I am sitting on our tour bus, feeling very relaxed and soul satisfied. I have travelled a great distance and learnt so many new things. And the sights I have seen…oh my! I am so blessed!

Our traveling buddies are fabulous people. Variety is the spice of life and I am enjoying the individualness of each person. God is an amazing God to make each person so unique.

I love that the son is so amazingly patient with his elderly father and how he holds him steady with his belt. Making sure that if he trips he can keep him upright. And also how he gently pushes him up the stairs to give him that extra strength to climb up. So cute!

I love the wife who is traveling with her very frail Husband. Who has had about three dizzy spells which have stopped the tour until he feels okay again. Gives us all a scare but also reminds us of the need to be gracious and caring. It may be us in the future. And he is still getting great enjoyment from the holiday. Must be worrying for his wife. Brought me to tears the last time he had a dizzy spell. I’m not too good with the idea that a partner is sick and maybe dying! Love you Robin, my man πŸ™‚

I love the courage of the lone traveller of which we have one. Such a friendly Canadian chap who I thought was actually ‘hitting’ on me because he would want to sit with us every breakfast or evening meal. This chap has Tourette’s and ADHD as he confessed this morning. I had guessed Tourette’s the day before and immediately felt that he was so brave to be on this trip. Life must have been hard for him at times. But here he is seeing the world with a bunch of new ‘friends’

The older American couple give us some laughs. Not in a horrible way, but because of their way if innocently asking questions that the tour driver has just explained. I call them Barbie and Ken. Ken wears a toupee and Barbie is always perfect! But they always have a smile and a camera ready for every new sight. They love Italy.

We have made great friends with a couple from Brisbane. I don’t think that he was very happy of contented with the idea of a tour at first but watching his smile grow bigger each day has been fantastic. We often go out together on the free time opportunities and dine together. They are very friendly.

Now the two ladies traveling together from Melbourne are fabulous! They always have such nice things to say and have quick funny retorts to day. I am enjoying time spent with them. They like me have left their husbands at home. They have been friends for years and are obviously really comfortable with each other. If I am feeling like I’m not dressed for the occasion or say something stupid, both of these ladies make me feel loved and okay immediately. Phew!

We also have on board two American families from New York area. A brother with his wife and two teenage children, and the sister with her two daughters. Now these families have Italian heritage. Their Dad died not so long ago and in his will he left a request and funds for his family to travel to Italy and discover their roots. How amazing is that. They are super people and watching such a large family group relate together is fun. The teenage son is the most loving and caring son I have ever seen (apart from mine of course) and he is loving Italy and expresses his love loudly and with enthusiasm at times. He’s great. It’s neat to have uncontrolled expression around you at times. The Mother of the two daughters is beautiful and single, and the holiday would have a fairytail ending if she found a handsome available Italian man while on holiday.

Most of the rest of out traveling buddies are couples. They are all great and friendly. We are sharing the sights and experiences together and I am enjoying every moment.

Thank you so much family at home for allowing me to be so self indulgent and take this month off from normal life. I would love to be sharing this precious time with you. Maybe one day, but until then, these traveling buddies are doing me well πŸ™‚

Our Brad Family
Our Brad Family
My day in the front seat. I turned and asked everyone to smile
My day in the front seat. I turned and asked everyone to smile

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