Worlds biggest Procrastinator

Okay so I have been home for three weeks and have managed to get back into work life okay. I actually worked three days last week (paid employment that is). But getting back into jobs around the house has been a little harder. When I first got home, I was so tired I was in bed by 10pm (the latest) and waking up at 7am, all refreshed and ready for the new day. Lately, it’s been back to the old habit of staying up late (11.30) and not wanting to get up in the morning! And I wasn’t going to do that again! In my defense though. I have weeded two gardens, loaded them with new topsoil (thanks to Robin for his help) and put in heaps of new vegetable plants. I have also made some new worship DVDs using backing tracks so we can sing along with them at home group. And…I have emptied out our lounge and filled and sanded the walls ready for painting. That’s my job for today. To undercoat! I was really motivated when I decided to freshen up the lounge walls, but this morning my arms feel tired and heavy. I really don’t like sanding and as I pushed myself too far yesterday, I am suffering for it today.

So here I am. It’s 8.30am and I am still in bed…planning my day…checking out Facebook, the daily news and Instagram, and generally wasting precious time! I MUST get up! But I did find a fabulous blog page and thought it would be great to share it. This lady has fantastic ideas on how to make food look interesting for children and ultimately make it irresistible to eat. I’ll attach some photos and maybe you can go to her blog page and see how she constructs each meal. Enjoy looking 🙂











Now wouldn’t you just love your food to look like that! That Mum must have some skill in organizing her time. No procrastinating for her! Okay….I’m getting up and going to race around and make up for lost time. That lounge wall will have its first top coat on by the end of day, even if it’s another 11.30 bedtime 🙂

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