Last days in Poland and Germany

Well the 10 days with Daniel and Marysia went way too fast. Before I knew it we were back at Windlesham and packing for our holiday North! But we had an amazing time and have fabulous memories of our holiday. And….boy did we travel some miles! Have a look on a map and see just how far it is from Windlesham (near Windsor), England to Poznan in Poland! We went there and back in 10 days!!! Below are the last few photos of those days 🙂

Marysias parents place in Poland

Marysias parents are lovely and their home is amazing! They made us feel so welcome! We visited 2 castles (or palaces) near their home. One by car and the other we biked 8kms to and then 8kms back home. What a laugh! I loved it and am determined to buy myself a bike when I get back home. Robin and I, or Judy and I can bike our walkway every week! We need to get fit and lose all this extra weight we have put on! We were at Marysias place when they had a party to celebrate 35 years of marriage. It was a suprise party and was a fabulous evening! We also visited Poznan and walked through the town square, wher Marysia spent most of her university time. She loves Poznan and it brought back many happy memories for her 🙂


You have to see this place to believe it! And then you probably won’t want to ever go there again. I can’t believe that humans could be so cruel and inhumane to other humans! We did the tour of the camp in the town where horrific things were done and then the Consentration Camp hidden away from public eye…the place where so many people were killed and tortured and lived in disgusting conditions! People arrived here in train carriages..thinking they were being relocated to a ‘better place’ only to be immediately separated from loved ones, elderly people sorted out along with the sick and handicapped, and then the women and children. Most of the latter were gased and cremated straight away. It is so horrible to think about! But it is now history and we must never forget these dreadful things that were done and never let them ever happen again!

Dresden and Krakow

We wandered the streets of Dresden and saw some amazing buildings. We also caught the ferry and viewed the castles and houses along the river bank. We took the car to the other side of the river and went to a castle that had a winery. It was so picturesque and relaxing so we brought pizza and a wine for lunch and just sat and watched the world go by for awhile. In the evening we found a lovely restaurant and enjoyed a lovely meal together. In Krakow we did the communist car tour. What fun! I have loaded a photo of the car we travelled in! We sampled Polish dumplings and looked at typical Polish homes and way of life during communist times. We also saw the steel mill and how huge it was! We visited the underground salt mines! They are well worth the visit. Words can’t really describe how amazing they are! Unfortunately the photos didn’t turn out too well in the darkened rooms. I think Judy’s photos turned out better so I will try and get some of her photos. You can look them up on the internet and see the photos they have online and they are definitely better than our photos. Nothing like seeing them in real life though. We had to walk down 54 flights of steps (not big flights) but quite a walk. Caught a lift back up though…thank goodness. We also ate really well in Krakow too. So much good food. I am sure I have already put on heaps of weight! But what a fabulous time we are having!