Marysias parents place in Poland

Marysias parents are lovely and their home is amazing! They made us feel so welcome! We visited 2 castles (or palaces) near their home. One by car and the other we biked 8kms to and then 8kms back home. What a laugh! I loved it and am determined to buy myself a bike when I get back home. Robin and I, or Judy and I can bike our walkway every week! We need to get fit and lose all this extra weight we have put on! We were at Marysias place when they had a party to celebrate 35 years of marriage. It was a suprise party and was a fabulous evening! We also visited Poznan and walked through the town square, wher Marysia spent most of her university time. She loves Poznan and it brought back many happy memories for her 🙂

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