Scrapbooking Catch-up

Hi everyone.

Christmas has been and gone and life is slowly getting back to normal. Just two more weeks and Schools will be starting again, and we will all be back into the daily routines! All my family were home for Christmas except the oldest, his wife and our lovely two grand daughters. We missed them incredibly. They had a super Christmas in Singapore.

I have been trying to catch up on some old photos that have been waiting to be scrapbooked. Five of those pages I have used Stampin Up papers. I brought some of the designer series papers from the new catalogue and am very pleased with how they have turned out. Once again having the matching paper, cardstock, inks ribbons etc is such a bonus.

Let me know if you would like to purchaase some of these papers and try them out for yourself. or 0212628351

My Latest Pages

Just a sample of my latest pages. These are the ones that I have used Stampin Up papers. These papers are so easy to scrapbook with and the colours match with the Stampin Up inks, ribbons and other accessories. Contact me if you would like to purchase some and be able to create your own Stampin Up Scrapbook pages.

or 0212628351

Just some cards

I seem to have had a run of friends that have been sick lately, so it has been time to create a few cards. I spend most of my creating time doing Scrapbooking pages, but I do still enjoy making my cards. I feel that to give a hand made card you send the love that you used while creating the card, along with the card. You see you can’t create a card for someone without thinking about the person it is being created for.

My youngest son has just got engaged as well and his girlfriend (fiance now) has a birthday this month. So birthday cards were needed as well.  My cards are pretty basic in comparison to some I see on other peoples blog pages, but I enjoy making them, and I think that practice can help me advance in my skill level.

I now have the new Stampin Up Catalogue and will be offering products for purchase from it on the 1st of September. The Catalogues are priced at $15.95 and are fantastic for using as an idea book, as well as for browsing the new Stampin Up products. Fun fun fun!!!

Contact me or 0212628351

Scrapbooking Kits for sale

I have made up several Stampin Up scrapbooking kits and have them for sale. Each kit contains A4 cardstock, 12×12 textured card stock and designer paper. I have also put in matching ribbon and buttons. You can potentially make 4 scrapbook pages out of one kit! And have plenty of paper left for more pages or for card making. The good thing about Stampin Up products is that you can always purchase more matching card stock as all the colours available match the scrapbooking papers. The prices vary with the contents, but the price is the price in the Stampin Up catalogue with postage added. I have attached photos of some of the Kits. If you are interested in purchasing any please contact me on 0212628351 or email me on If you live outside New Plymouth we will have to discuss payment and postage as well.

Welcome on Wednesday Update

Here are my latest pages from WOW. Our Wednesdays are slowly taking off with a couple of regulars and others joining in irregularly. We have a lot of fun creating together and share in yummy morning teas, and often lunch as well. I have been making up scrapbooking packs from the Stampin Up products and have them for sale during the day. These packs include cardstock (both 12×12 and A4), designer paper, ribbons and buttons. The price varies with the contents but are basically the price in the Stampin Up catalogue with postage added on. Contact me at if you would like to purchase a pack ($16-$25). These packs are great as they are colour co-ordinated and very easy to scrapbook with. You no longer have to spend ages searching to match cardstock with your designer paper…and don’t forget…the Stampin Up inks all match as well, so you can journal, add stamps and other Stampin Up products easily.

Latest Scrapbook Pages

Here’s a few of my latest pages. I’m so excited. I’ve managed to cut down some extra activities in my life and made more time for crafts! I still have my ‘Welcome on Wednesday’ morning going and have now included a Wednesday evening session as well. I’m not sure how many people will be coming yet, but I have let my family know that Wednesday morning and evening are my times for Scrapbooking and card making….and having a fun time with my friends 🙂 I am also very excited as I have made a purchase that I am feeling very happy and blessed with. I can’t believe how spoilt I am…I have a ‘Cricut Expression’! You will see some of it’s work on a few of my pages. I am a newbie with it so have lots to learn. You will also notice that I still have to journal some of my pages. I have the most messy handwriting! My daughter C6 has beautiful handwriting and I am trying to get a time when we can both sit down and go through my pages, find the dates on the computer, and fill in all the details. I am also very blessed as my son C2 arrived with a laptop for me for Christmas. MY VERY OWN LAPTOP!!! My eldest son brought Robin and I a most amazing Coffee Maker….lovely! (We can sample that on Wednesdays). He has also shouted Robin and I a trip to the UK and Europe May-June this year. Wow…I have so much to be thankful for. C5 starts her nursing training on the 22nd Feb. C6 did very well with NCEA1 and has started NCEA2 this year…as well as piano and guitar. C3 still has his boys as much as he can. C4 and D3 are doing very well with C4’s new ventures in Sydney. G1 is getting really good results with her schooling and had an amazing time at her youth group camp in January. G3 has started pre-school and is coping really well. She reminds me so much of  C6…could actually lead the whole class at 4! G2 and G4 are a pleasure to have around and we miss them so much when they are with their Mum in Palmerston North.

Well enough chatter. Have a look at the pages and if you would like to get into scrapbooking. Come along on a Wednesday 🙂

email me

Time Wise!

It’s a new year….2010…and I have made my new years resolution!

I have decided that ‘Stampin Up’ is a hobby that I WILL enjoy!

I will not become a demonstrator who is never at home. I will continue to create using ‘Stampin Up’ products as I still love how they all fit together so nicely. I can, and will help other people create beautiful scrapbooking pages and cards when they ask for my help. I hope to continue WOW (welcome on Wednesdays), but I will be very relaxed about it. I am much more interested in spending quality time with friends than being up with the best ‘Stampin Up’ sales people! I love scrapbooking and I intend to keep it that way. No stress just pure enjoyment.

My family, and quality time with them is so important. They grow up so fast and I want to enjoy every moment before they ALL leave home. This Christmas I had all my 6 children home for the first time in 3 years. I LOVED it! (Along with my daughter in law and grandchildren, and girlfriends and boyfriends) Attached is a family portrait I had taken. Boy do I feel so proud of them all…and love each one of them. That is what is important in life. The love of family and friends. Bless you all xxx



3 of my boys are scattered over the world from Australia to England. 3 of my children (well nearly adults now) still live at home…but time is moving so fast, and they will be making their own way in this world before I know it! That is why I love scrapbooking. To make a record of all the precious moments together.

My daughter in law and I did manage to find some scrapbooking time over the holiday period and I will load some photos up as soon as I can.

Contact me if you want ‘Stampin Up’ products, I still purchase products for myself and would be happy to combine your purchases with mine.


Scrapbooking in Sydney

What a fantastic time I am having while staying at my son and daughter in laws place in Sydney. Each day we are out and about and in the evenings we scrapbook…til very late! Now…that’s what I call a holiday!

I thought I would share my pages with you…well those I have nearly finished. I am still here until next Sunday (the 11th of October) so may get even more done. I have used mostly my Stampin Up papers and stamps, but the last few pages are from paper I brought at a papercraft show. I don’t normally buy any other product than Stampin Up as I have discovered that there is too much waste when using other products. Once again…I have to fully endorse Stampin Up! – with the papers, inks and embellishments all co-ordinating, if you don’t use up a whole piece of paper on one scrapbook page, you will certainly have a use for it later on, either on another page or on a card! But as I am on holiday and only brought a certain amount over with me…I am beginning to run out of my supplies. Must bring more over next time!

The papers I have used are from ‘Good morning Sunshine’ DSP, ‘Urban Garden’ DSP and ‘Sweet always’ DSP. I have also use the White, Pacific Point, Pink Pirouette, Baja Breeze and Basic Grey 12×12 textured card. Embellishments are from a variety of products including Stampin Up.

Most of the pages are still waiting for the journaling. I need to access my computer at home to find out dates before I can write the details in. I also want to sew in some of the buttons and maybe accessorise some pages a bit more. But, I have had so much fun and I hope that you can be inspired to be creative as well and maybe get some ideas from my pages.

Yes..I have been busy :-)

IMG_5170           IMG_5202      

IMG_5199          IMG_5196

IMG_5189          IMG_5191

IMG_5181          IMG_5178

IMG_5177          IMG_5182


A variety of Stampin Up Scrapbook pages and cards that I have made during the last 2 weeks. The more I use Stampin Up cardstock and accessories…the more I love them. It is so good to be able to match the card, the ink and ribbons. It makes scrapbooking so much easier and also helps when buying product. You know that you will use the paper and that you will have less wasteage! It is also good to be able to check out the range of colours available with Stampin Up products and to find out what colours match together. Then you can use that information when creating your page or card. It’s also great to be able to stamp an image and use it in your scrapbooking layout, knowing that you can select the ink to match the colours on the page. Lots of fun! Don’t forget…WOW…Welcome on Wednesdays at 10am. A time to get together and hopefully create your own beautiful scrapbooking page, or maybe a card or two! email me at

‘WOW’ Welcome on Wednesday cards

So here is a display of some of the creative results from Wednesday. Many thanks to Chris, Jordan and Carolyn. We had a very relaxed and enjoyable morning. I also did another page with the ‘Sweet Nothings’ Scrapbooking set. That makes 5 pages from that set and 4 from the ‘Petal Party’…and I still have lots of product left. These kits are amazing and well worth purchasing! Email me for details 🙂