Saturday the 5th of March

This week has been an emotional one. The clean up is still happening after the BIG earthquake in Christchurch. 165 people died! and possibly more! It is so sad. Jordan (C5’s boyfriend) is back home from University. He couldn’t stay at Canterbury Uni until it was cleaned up, power back on and water running again. He was only there for 10 days and is just managing to cope with the change of plans. C5 on the other hand is delighted to have him back home again! Tonight they have gone out to a dress-up party. I have added some photos of them and also some of my G4.

Don’t they look great!

Judy (my sister) and Len have moved into their new home. They have been busy getting it ready for nearly 3 months after transporting the house onto their farmland. C3 (my son) has been busy doing lots of different labour jobs for them so the job could be made earier. C3 has been demolishing, then rebuilding, making fences, concreting, building decks and heaps more! He has had his mate Colin helping him. I have had the job of looking after G4 every day from 1pm until 5.30pm while they build. That has been lots of fun and yet also very tiring. I haven’t the energy I used to have with young children that I had nearly 20 years ago. G4 is a very active little man but is growing up into a lovely little chappy. He will be 2 on the 25th of May. My baby C6 turned 17 on the 24th of February, and G1 (my grand daughter) turned 14 on the same day!

Mum and Dad have celebrated their wedding anniversary yesterday (the 4th of March). They have been married for an amazing 63 years. Congratulations Mum and Dad…you are a fantastic example for us all and we all love you xoxo.

Today has been a wet day and I have taken advantage of the opportunity to stay indoors and scrapbook! I love days when I can sit and scrap and not worry about anything else! I did do some housework though. I managed to stew up lots of apples from our trees and got 3 2litre containers full and into the freezer. I now have 5 containers in there ready for winter. The tree is still laden with beautiful apples so I plan on getting many more done….hopefully.

I will put up some photos of the scrapbooking on the next post 🙂

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