Our Kittens

After our beautiful Cat Nala died last year (we had her for 15 years), C5 and her bf arrived home one day with Tyson. A lovely gray and white striped kitten. We all fell in love with him very quickly and he proved to be a cat with character! Sadly Tyson ventured onto the road and was run over! We were all sooo sad 🙁

C5’s friends decided to buy her another kitten for her birthday on the 15th of January. AJ was another kitten that was easy to love. He is a gorgeous stripped tabby kitten with BIG feet, called a polydactyl. Late January we went away to the “Parachute Music Festival” and arrived home to 3 cats! A mother Cat had arrived with her little kitten. You would never believe it but the 3 all looked like they were related…and yet AJ definitely didn’t belong to the mother cat. SPCA was overloaded with cats so we offered to look after these newcomers for 3 weeks unless someone claimed them. 3 weeks later and we are now the proud owners of all 3!!!

Then you would never believe it but on the doorstep one morning we find 4 cats! Another kitten had arrived! This one sounded like it had asthma, and was quite wild! We couldn’t even catch it! For the next 2 weeks it was a challenge to get this kitten from being so scared to be able to feed it from our hands. We achieved this but also noticed that it was getting sicker by the day. Finally we caught her and we took her to the SPCA and found out that she had lung worm! We now have to treat all the other cats as it is contagious. We have left the kitten at the SPCA and now have to make the decision to whether we collect her again or not. Robin says no, 3 is enough! Us girls are BIG softees!

Mother cat (Molly) has been feeding both AJ and Skittles! And they cuddle up and sleep together all the time. AJ is a real character. We find him asleep in the most odd places. Today I found him in the opened dishwasher. I had been stacking dishes and got sidetracked doing something else. Came back, and when I went to shut the dishwasher, he came running out! I will add some photos of him and his various sleeping spots.

Now…do we go pick up the other kitten, or do we take the mother cat to SPCA as well and only keep the 2 other kittens. That is the decision. What do you think???



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