mainly music

WOW…another BIG morning at mainly music. Approx 35 families at each session. We had the parachutes out today and the children loved getting underneath and pretending to be bees with ‘Here is the Beehive’.

A reporter from a local magazine called ‘Close to home’ (I think that is what it is called) came along this morning. She took some photos and interviewed me about mainly music. I’m not sure when the magazine is coming out but she looked like she was really enjoying herself. I will post some photos when it is published.

mainly music is my passion! I love seeing the Mums/caregivers singing and dancing along with their children…and also seeing the children grow and develop confidence week after week. We do approximately 2-3 God songs each week and hopefully we are slowly introducing them all to a life of faith. I can’t imagine living life in this world without being able to ‘chat’ to God about each and every little thing! He is a God I can trust, He is my constant companion, and I know He loves me not matter what! I can cast my cares on Him for He cares for me!!!

Have a great day 🙂

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