The view from my windows

It’s now November and I am happy to say that we have had a few really hot days! I just love summer! I have been enjoying all the blossoms on our cherry trees and also the wisteria. Each day I see new growth and the green leaves appearing as the blossoms die off. I have also been able to enjoy eating my breakfast out on the deck, and being able to laze in our new conservatory (when I can make time available). Today I have hung out 3 big loads of washing and although the weather is a little changeable, seeing it all blowing in the wind and drying nicely is such a satisfying feeling for me. I love getting it all in dry and then and folding it up nicely. That is probably my favourite housework job! I am not a kitchen person…although I did make a lovely quiche for lunch and a big banana cake as well. C5 and her bf are happy to be together again as her bf has just come home from University for the christmas holidays. He has got a job at Powerco with both Robin and C5 so all three of them will be going in to work together. C5 has finished her second year doing nursing and her bf his first year studying engineering. C6 went to the Francis Douglas leaving dinner/ball last night with her boyfriend (I will post photos when I get some). She has her leaving dinner next Wednesday night. It’s so hard to believe that my baby girl is finishing her high school years. She plans to be studying Chemical engineering in Auckland next year, so is hoping to do very well in her final exams! Robin and I are filling in our lives with our various hobbies. We seem to be in the AS room (the anti-social room), as the girls call it every night we can. Actually it is the scrapbook room, which Robin has now invaded with his computer and double screens! He says he has to come out with me or we will never see each other. It really is a fabulous room and so warm and inviting, I just love it 🙂 I am really quite happy to share the room and Robin and I seem to talk more out in the room than inside the house. We thought last night that we could actually live in it if we had to…just need running water/shower/toilet and a sink! We have a microwave, a grill oven, a kettle, a toaster and a fridge already. I had a lovely suprise present from D1 on Thursday. It is a cute book on scrapbooking and has awesome little quotes in it. The card she made me was a real tear jerker! She wrote the nicest things in it 🙂 She is an amazing daughter in law…I love her! One little quote from the book…

‘It’s about the art and it’s about the writing – but more than anything else, scrapbooking is about the memories’

I loaded heaps of scrapbooking photos on my page last time I blogged so this time I am going to put up some photos of the views from my windows. The scene I see when I look out from my home each day (weather permitting of course). I hope you enjoy looking at what I see and it brings you some pleasure as well.

Read my blog? Let me know what you are thinking :-)