And views around the house

Robin and I mowed the lawns last night and the place always looks so much better afterwards. You don’t notice the unpainted outside walls so much and the ‘work in progress’ renovations seems to pale against the lovely show that the trees make at this time of the year. We are really settled in our home and can’t imagine living any where else in the world. But in saying that, we aren’t apposed to a move somewhere else. C1 and D1 have joked about buying a home in Sydney with a Granny flat attached. Now that could be quite tempting! In a years time both girls would have left home and this is a BIG place for just Robin and me. The only positive thing about staying here then, is the fact that we have plenty of room for all the family to come back to…at any time…but especially at Christmas. I just love having us all together. This Christmas is going to be great. C1, D1, G1 and G3 are coming from Sydney; C2 and D2 from London; not sure about C3 and the boys (G2 and G4) but they will probably be here some of the time; C4 and D3 (from Sydney) are coming in the new Year; and of course C5 (and her bf) and C6 live here. It’s going to be fantastic. I can’t wait!

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