Edinburgh to Inverness

We left Edinburgh with another Scottish Misty morning! Arrived at Perth to have a look at an Abbey and ruins. After wandering through the connected church and taking some photos (we couldn’t go right in as there was a funeral being held there), we ventured down to the ruins and continued to take photos….until some ladies came out and advised us that we need to pay an admission fee to be able to explore the area. Oops we had already taken the photos we needed, so we politely said that we didn’t really want to go any further and said our goodbyes! Wow…we saved about 20 pound. We had parked on the main street and walked through the church instead of parking in the information centre car park..so we missed all the signs…phew! We decided to then have a visit to Scone Castle…a local Castle that is well worth the visit! As we got closed we noticed heaps of locals lining the street and wondered if there was a special event? Arriving at Scone Castle gate there was a sign saying it was closed as the Queen was visiting it today!!! We couldn’t go to the Palace in Edinburgh as the Queen was ‘in residence’ and now we can’t go to Scone Castle as she is going there as well. We turned the car on and decided to carry on with the day…..until we were stopped by the police patrol. We had to wait for the Queen to pass before we could drive any further. Amazing! The Queen passed right by our car!!!

We travelled on and our next stop was Balmoral Castle. And this time the Queen wasn’t there! We did the tour and loved being there! Another thing off the Bucket list. We were a little disappointed that we were only allowed in the Ballroom. The rest of the palace isn’t open to public! From Balmoral, we continued driving on the Inverness where we are staying for the night. The place is a home stay..but we have a whole house to ourselves!!! It’s great!


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