Inverness to Onich

What a lovely nights sleep and stay at Inverness. We went down to the ‘Local’ and had the most amazing tea! The best of the whole trip so far….I think! Scotch Mist again this morning but it cleared quite quickly until we got to Urquart Castle and it rained the whole time. We had a BIG discussion about going through the Loch Ness Information centre. I had seen a BIG green Nessie model on the way there and wanted Robin to stop the car for a photo..but was convinced that there would be another at the information centre. To see the display there, it was SOOOO expensive and we all decided it was a waste of money. So I missed my photo opportunity! Urquart Castle made up for my disappointment though. It was well worth the visit!…and to make it even better we got in free!!! It was great to walk around the castle and see how big it was. We were even able to climb up into the towers…and they were high!

From Urquart Castle we drove on to Fort Augustus and just by chance we saw the lock gates being opened up and the boats moving through the canal. These gates were amazing as the locks water levels were all at a different height and the boats travelled through a series of 8 locks to get down to lake level. It was great! From there we went to the Isle of Skye. Yay…another thing off the Bucket list! We drove down to the port to catch the ferry back to the Scotland mainland…enjoying the scenery all the way! It looked very much like driving along the desert road! The Ferry ride was for 30 minutes, and it was a neat experience. Lots of photos taken and fine weather as well! From the ferry landing we drove on to Onich for our nights sleep. This place was a little different…sort of like a camping ground with chalets, bunk rooms and motels. We had a room with a double bed and 2 singles, 2 toilets and a shower room. The entry was like a ski lodge with places to put all your gear and hang out wet clothing. The beds were hard and the room was very hot! I started off in the double bed with Robin but cooked! A half hour later while the other 3 were snoring I crept into a spare bottom bunk bed…put my ear plugs in and slept!!!

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