Enjoying home again

Came home a week ago to beautiful weather although definitely colder than when I left for Sydney. It’s lovely to be back home but I do miss my Sydney family. Just as well they need me to look after the grand daughters again…I am going back over on the 30th of May until the 17th of June…another 18 days!

I’ve been such a busy girl though since I got back home. I have pruned trees, mowed lawns, made jam, baked, helped to clean out Mum and Dads house(they have moved to Airport Drive and their house is now for sale!), celebrated Mother’s Day, been to church and home group, and entertained!! Phew!!!

Today I invited a few friends over for a cuppa and catch up. Decided it was an opportunity to do some spoiling by making it High Tea. I am lucky enough to be looking after Mums beautiful bone china tea sets, and I just HAD to use them. I try to be so gentle with them as I would hate to break one. They really are so special. It certainly makes the morning tea extra nice. I also made cup cakes, shortbread and scones with jam and cream! I have also added photos of my crab apples and the jam I made with them. If you haven’t tried crab apple jelly, you should! it’s a lovely jam that is sweet but yet tart!

Have a look! Doesn’t it all look yummy!







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