Still in Sydney

Today is Saturday…only one more full day left in Sydney. I fly home very early Monday morning! And….I have had a fabulous time here with my two grand daughters. D2 came back from Singapore last Monday and we have had a lovely week together as well, although she developed a very sore leg, with the pain radiating from her heel. After a late night trip to the emergency department of the hospital and a scan of her legs, Deep Vein Thrombosis was not the cause but Rebecca is now on anti-biotics and seems to be getting better.

I have still managed to do scrapbooking every evening and have a few more pages to add. I am loving having time to scrapbook and not feel that I should be doing other home maintenance jobs with my time. I hope that I have spent enough quality time with the girls as well, and they don’t feel that I have neglected them while I am busy scrapping 🙂

Here’s the pages…Jayden

Ben Casey and Rosie Leeara 3 me Mum and Dad photo(2) the boys 2

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