Sydney April 2013

So…. as the previous post said.. I am now unemployed! That door closed but it opened up other opportunities! I can now come over to Sydney and look after/see/visit the family over in Sydney without all the drama of trying to get holiday days approved by work. There is always an upside to downers! God has everything in control!

I had arrived back to NZ on the 4th of April, after spending 10 days of Easter with the Sydney family, worked 2 days, that was the last 2 days of my work career with the ANZ, then on the 18th I flew back to Sydney. And this time I am here for 18 days….yes!!! C1 and D1 are over in Singapore, D1 coming back on Monday the 29th of April and Matthew going on to Thailand. Then I am here with D1 and the girls until Monday the 6th of May.

It is the school holidays but G1 has been at work nearly every day. I have been taking her to the Gordon Train station and picking her up from there after work. G3 usually goes to a holiday program but because I am here she has the luxury of being able to stay home and relax. She has been amazing. Every day she has been colouring in, playing with her dolls (monster high….I find yucky!) which she loves, and just hanging!!! She is still in her onesie and it is 2pm….as she was yesterday as well. She has made the most amazing little book filled with words and pictures of love for her Mummy (hope you don’t read this D1 or the secret will be out). We have done lots of baking together, taken Rosie (the dog for walks and visited friends. Last Sunday C4 came and picked us up and we both went in to Sydney city to go to C4 and D3’s church (G1 was at work). They go to C3 City Campus….and I love it. I went with them when I was over at Easter as well. Their church had a conference this week. I was tempted to book G1, G3 and myself in to go to it, but then felt a little selfish, they probably didn’t care too much to go, it was me who wanted to go. A friend told me that the service was live streamed and you could watch it from home. So every night I got the pleasure of listening to the main speaker…as if I was there 🙂

Every night I have been scrapbooking once G3 is either in bed or ready for bed. I am so spoilt….and I know it! I have created 11 pages so far! I will attach photos to show you my creations. Think I may need another trip to the scrapbook shop in Hornsby for more supplies!

Dan and Marysia Easter 2012a Easter 2012b Easter B and C Easter M and R Easter show 1 Easter show 2 Easter show 3 Leeara 1 Leeara 2 The boys

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