A Patchwork of a year

You all know that I am a pretty crafty person. In fact I feel something missing in my day if I haven’t managed to be creative in some way. From my previous blog post you can see that patchwork has been a favourite hobby over this past year. In fact, scrapbooking has been put aside while my sewing machine has been a priority…and that is quite a miracle! So today I decided to share a few photos of my creations.

A duvet cover with a duvet inside for C3’s baby girl πŸ™‚
A Blanket I made for D3’s Birthday. Yet to be edged in this photo.
Blanket/playmat for C1 and D1’s baby boy
Duvet cover with a duvet inside for C1 and D1’s baby boy
Blanket for C5 for Christmas 2013
A Playmat for C2 and D2’s baby girl. I hadn’t edged it in this photo, but it was edged before I sent it off to London πŸ™‚
Made as a picnic blanket for Rebecca and Roland’s engagement present. I wrapped it up along with a salad bowl and serving spoons for their future picnics πŸ™‚
A Blanket I made for Mum for Christmas. I also made a pillow to go with it πŸ™‚

Now my creations are actually very simple constructions. After making these I now have the utmost admiration for real quilters. You know what I mean I am sure. The people who create masterpieces! How I would love to have the patience to fiddle around with tiny scraps if material and sew them in planned order to create a quilt that would be treasured for generations. Wouldn’t that be marvelous!

We leave behind us children and grand children and then the generations of family that follow, but to have one of your creations handed down over those generations would be something special. Maybe that could be my challenge for 2014. To make a very special quilt. Stitched with hours of love and ending up looking wonderful. Something like this one that I like from ‘Instagram’

I think this quilt pattern is lovely, but imagine all the sewing involved and all the seams to iron flat!!


But who would I make it for? I could sew it with love for each and every one of my family! But which person would treasure it forever and appreciate my time and love and energy that I will put into making it?

I guess my focus should really be in the joy of creating something and blessing someone with that creation, and not be too concerned with what happens with it over the years.

Now all I need is spare time and an awful lot of patience!

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  1. Exactly my thoughts Robin. If only we would allow God the creator to do that crafting in our lives. But even better still….He loves us just as we are! Yet still wants the very best for us πŸ™‚

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