Wedding in Whangarei

All I can say is…’How refreshing!’

We have just arrived back home from a lovely weekend away. A weekend that has been planned for approximately six months. One of my best friend’s daughter had fallen in love with a lovely young man, and this weekend was their wedding, and we were invited. We had a little way to travel but it was worth it!

Our trip

Rebecca, the bride had just finished her second year of teachers training and still has one year of study left. Roland, the groom, had just completed his training to become a youth Pastor. So as you can imagine money is tight. But, they are very much in love and could see no reason to delay a wedding…they were committed to each other for life! Just look at the love in their eyes for each other!


Now the wedding was definitely a wedding made on a tight budget, but in my opinion, it lacked nothing. It was a wedding full of meaning, joy, love and a real delight to experience. A very blessed event!

It was an open ceremony held in a local park. The setting was beautiful. A lovely arch was built as a background to the altar, and a wishing well for gifts to be deposited. Very sweet!

An amazing setting! Simply beautiful :-)

We were all invited to bring along a picnic and blanket for the reception. And everyone did just that. With joy and happiness and lots of laughter, we all sat around and ate our picnic tea together, with the bridal party sitting just along from us. It was perfect! The weather was warm and sunny, the surroundings picturesque, and the atmosphere delightful. You could just feel the support and love for both Rebecca and Roland. Everyone helped to make this day a delight to remember.


And we had a reason to dress up and have a weekend away! It will certainly be a weekend to remember. I feel very blessed to have shared in the whole experience.


Rebecca and Roland…I admire your decision to get married, and I also admire the fact that you didn’t waste money on lots of unnecessary trimmings. Your wedding day lacked nothing. It was a fabulous day and a very well thought out meaningful wedding ceremony. We were all able to contribute and help to make your day special, even if it was just by bringing along our own little picnic. Many people contributed one way or another and that’s the way it should be. Why get married and start the marriage with a huge debt that is caused by the wedding day. There was no alcohol, no loud music and no raised voices. The whole experience was simply lovely!

Yes….How refreshing!!

I LOVED it all xoxoxo

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