It’s a Pom Pom making day

Another wet day in the Naki! And another day to entertain the grandsons indoors. I taught grandaughter G3 how to make a Pom Pom the last time I was in Sydney, so thought that it was the perfect opportunity to teach the boys as well.

Pom Poms are really easy to make and are a great way of using up all your old balls of wool. Especially if you only have one ball left of a colour, or a batch, or there isn’t enough to make a whole garment.

If you’ve never made a Pom Pom before, here are the instructions…

Cut out two circles of cardboard with another circle cut out of the centre


Put the two circles together and start winding the wool around and around.


Keep adding more and more wool until the centre is full.


Complete filling it up using a darning needle with a super large hole threated with the wool.


Now the tricky part! You have to cut the Wool between the two circles just like the photo below


Wind a piece of wool between the circles and tie it tight so it will hold all the cut wool together


Rip off the cardboard circles and do a little trimming to neaten it up and voila! You now have a Pom Pom!


Our Pom Pom was thrown around as a soft inside ball. Great entertainment for two active boys.


And when the fun of a new Pom Pom had worn off Maisy the dog found it on the lounge floor. She was loving it! Tossing it around like it was made just for her! If I hadn’t rescued it I imagine it would have been destroyed in no time!


All in all our Pom Pom making experience has been quite fun! G2 wanted to make another one straight away. He loved the idea of using a needle but I was happy with just one big Pom Pom for awhile. Perhaps we can make another the next wet day 🙂

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