Less than a month!

Here I am sitting at my laptop when I have so many other things I should be doing! Time is running out and I am beginning to feel the panic! But I wanted to share all the happenings with you…. my reader 🙂

On the 19th of August, Robin and I will be flying over to Wroclaw, Poland. My sister, her partner and her daughter are also coming with us. We are all going to my second son Daniel and Marysia’s wedding! Now isn’t that something to get excited about! Checkout their wedding plans…


And even more exciting news…. Eldest son Matthew and grand daughter Casey are coming to the wedding as well… from Sydney! Casey is going to be a little flower girl. And wait… there’s more… Youngest son Ben and daughter in law Chloe are also coming from Sydney. Nearly a family reunion! I can’t wait!

After the wedding we will be travelling to Prague for three days and then onto Budapest. We are going on another ‘Insight Vacations’ tour! Yay! I am sooooo spoilt…..and don’t I know it! This time it is the tour called  ‘Treasures of the Balkans’. We travel from Budapest to Bucharest! I will be regularly putting posts on my blog and uploading photos when I can 🙂 Here is the tour…

Treasures of the Balkans

and the details a little clearer…

The Map!

And the day to day travel and sights to see…

Days 1 to 9
Days 1 to 9
Days 10 to 17
Days 10 to 17

Sorry the printing isn’t that easy to read 🙁 But do you think a wedding and a tour are enough to get excited about? Well there’s more!

At 10.52pm on the 21st of April little 3.3 kg Sophie Michelle Hill was born. Our third grand child to be born this year. Ella on the 4th of February, Luke on the 18th of March and then Sophie on the 21st of April. Look at this gorgeous little girl…

Brand new Baby Sophie
Brand new Baby Sophie
A very alert little baby girl :-)
A very alert little baby girl 🙂
I love this photo of Sophie having a tub bath!
I love this photo of Sophie having a tub bath!
One of my favourite photos. Sophie and her Daddy asleep together <3
One of my favourite photos. Sophie and her Daddy asleep together <3

Now isn’t Sophie a wonderful addition to our family! We now have seven grand children. Four girls and three boys! I have had quite a few cuddles with Ella and Luke but have yet to cuddle Sophie. Roll on August the 19th!

Now after the wedding and the tour, Robin, Judy, Len and Teresa are flying back to New Zealand via Hong Kong. I will be doing something very different. I will be flying to London. Yes London. I am going to be Sophie’s Nanny until Christmas time, when Daniel, Marysia, Sophie and myself will be flying to Sydney to celebrate Christmas with family there. Robin and Jess will fly from New Zealand to join us (Joanna has to work).

So I am going to get plenty of Sophie cuddles. Will be missing the other grand children cuddles and my other children/adults/husband/friends, but what an opportunity! I feel like I am the luckiest person alive…. and I am very thankful.

Watch out people… this blog is going to have so many updates over the next six months.

3 Replies to “Less than a month!”

  1. We are going to have so much fun. Look forward to spending time with the family. Roll on 19th August.

  2. Wow wow & wow… you’ve definitely got a totally amazing few months ahead for sure, how special. You just enjoy every single moment, as I’m sure you will Pam. Yay.

  3. Great reading Pam. Very very exciting for you and the family. But you especially, going to be nanny. Best wishes to Daniel and Marisia for a happy wedding day.

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