Last days in Poland and Germany

Well the 10 days with Daniel and Marysia went way too fast. Before I knew it we were back at Windlesham and packing for our holiday North! But we had an amazing time and have fabulous memories of our holiday. And….boy did we travel some miles! Have a look on a map and see just how far it is from Windlesham (near Windsor), England to Poznan in Poland! We went there and back in 10 days!!! Below are the last few photos of those days 🙂

Marysias parents place in Poland

Marysias parents are lovely and their home is amazing! They made us feel so welcome! We visited 2 castles (or palaces) near their home. One by car and the other we biked 8kms to and then 8kms back home. What a laugh! I loved it and am determined to buy myself a bike when I get back home. Robin and I, or Judy and I can bike our walkway every week! We need to get fit and lose all this extra weight we have put on! We were at Marysias place when they had a party to celebrate 35 years of marriage. It was a suprise party and was a fabulous evening! We also visited Poznan and walked through the town square, wher Marysia spent most of her university time. She loves Poznan and it brought back many happy memories for her 🙂


You have to see this place to believe it! And then you probably won’t want to ever go there again. I can’t believe that humans could be so cruel and inhumane to other humans! We did the tour of the camp in the town where horrific things were done and then the Consentration Camp hidden away from public eye…the place where so many people were killed and tortured and lived in disgusting conditions! People arrived here in train carriages..thinking they were being relocated to a ‘better place’ only to be immediately separated from loved ones, elderly people sorted out along with the sick and handicapped, and then the women and children. Most of the latter were gased and cremated straight away. It is so horrible to think about! But it is now history and we must never forget these dreadful things that were done and never let them ever happen again!

Dresden and Krakow

We wandered the streets of Dresden and saw some amazing buildings. We also caught the ferry and viewed the castles and houses along the river bank. We took the car to the other side of the river and went to a castle that had a winery. It was so picturesque and relaxing so we brought pizza and a wine for lunch and just sat and watched the world go by for awhile. In the evening we found a lovely restaurant and enjoyed a lovely meal together. In Krakow we did the communist car tour. What fun! I have loaded a photo of the car we travelled in! We sampled Polish dumplings and looked at typical Polish homes and way of life during communist times. We also saw the steel mill and how huge it was! We visited the underground salt mines! They are well worth the visit. Words can’t really describe how amazing they are! Unfortunately the photos didn’t turn out too well in the darkened rooms. I think Judy’s photos turned out better so I will try and get some of her photos. You can look them up on the internet and see the photos they have online and they are definitely better than our photos. Nothing like seeing them in real life though. We had to walk down 54 flights of steps (not big flights) but quite a walk. Caught a lift back up though…thank goodness. We also ate really well in Krakow too. So much good food. I am sure I have already put on heaps of weight! But what a fabulous time we are having!

Holiday Photos

I have finally got an internet connection where I can load some photos. I will try to name each one to give you an idea of where they have been taken. We have had our 10 days travelling over to Poland and back and have also now left C2 and D2’s place. Tonight we are in Leeds and looking forward to discovering York tomorrow. The next night will be at Windemere…a beautiful place so we have heard. I will let the photos tell the story otherwise I will be on the internet for hours and I don’t want to waste this precious time 🙂

Easter 2012

Well Easter has been and gone and I had a fabulous time! I went to Sydney again for 5 days. I haven’t any holidays left at work so I had to squeeze the visit in between my Thursday and Friday work days. My sister Judy came over with me and she also took her grand daughter Abbie. C1 and D1 brought a new home in January so it was our first time to stay in it, and it is lovely. We also met their new little puppy Rosey. Now I want a dog too. Rosey is so cute! It was great to be with the family in Sydney again. We showed Abbie the Opera House, the harbour bridge and the monorail. On Saturday the children had an Easter Egg hunt and they each filled up their baskets! On the Sunday night we had a family dinner with C4 and D3 as well so we had quite a gathering. On the Monday we went to the Easter Show. I am sure there were over a million people there…it was packed! I was sad to leave as always and am hoping to go over again in September….maybe

G2’s Birthday and Taranaki Anniversary weekend

For G2’s birthday Robin and I travelled to Palmerston North, picked up the boys and spent the day together. We had a lovely time. We took the boys to the Museum and found this amazing interactive house there. Both boys loved it and had a fabulous time playing with all the things there. They tried out doing some plumbing and also helped build a wall. What a great place for children!

Anniversary weekend was an opportunity to travel to Palmerston North once again. This time I picked up both boys and brought them back to our place for the weekend. I brought their bikes back with me and on Saturday we went to the walkway. What a great day we had! Both boys loved riding their bikes along the walkway…I had to run to keep up with them! Robin dropped us off and took the car to the bridge car park. We met at the bridge. The rest of the afternoon we went to the park. A big day but one filled with fun. Here are some photos of both events.

Time goes so fast

I just realised that I haven’t loaded anything onto my blog since last year! And there has been so much to share as well! We had everyone home for Christmas, even C2 and D2 from London, and we had some fabulous family times together. C5 turned 20 on the 15th of January, D2 turned ? on the 19th of Jan, C6 turned 18 on the 24th of Feb, G1 turned 15 on the 24th of Feb as well, G3 turned 6 on the 5th of Feb, G2 turned 6 on the 29th of Jan, and Robin turned 57!!!!!! on the 2nd of Jan!!! WOW!!! So many birthdays and so much fun! We had a big family holiday in Rotorua and Hamilton to show D2 some of New Zealand. We also walked our walkway twice. Once with C1, D1, G1, G3, C5, her bf, C2, D2, Robin and me; and the other time with G2 and G4 on their bikes…I walked/ran behind them! Jordan worked at Powerco with Robin and C5 over the holidays and stayed with us most of the time as well. He is doing well at Uni and is onto his second year. C5 is now onto her final year of nursing and has been working at Taranaki Base Hospital. She has also left home and is flatting with a friend who is doing nursing as well. C6 has entered her Uni years. She is now living at the Auckland Uni Hall…and loving it I must say (by the looks of her photos oin Facebook….a little worrying I must add). No….seriously…she is a good girl and is studying hard. So that leaves Robin and me at home alone!!! After 6 children and many years, we are now home alone!!! Thank God for our Scrapbook/computer room! It entertains us nicely! I am loving the lower work load I must say. I only need to do washing twice a week! My house stays tidy..everyday! And the bathroom is amazing! It stays clean and we don’t have masses of towels to wash everyday! I do miss the company though and the girls brought LIFE into the house (boys did too, but that was many years ago really as C4 left home at 17 and he is now 25). We picked up G2 and G4 last weekend for 3 days and that was a very special time. I love having some of my Grand children in NZ even if they do live a 3 hour drive away.

Our family was also in 2 magazine publications. C4 and D3’s Wedding was featured in ‘New Zealand Weddings’ and G1 was in ‘Dolly’ magazine as a model! I am so proud of them 🙂 and have copies of both magazines to keep forever!!!

I am once again very involved in mainly music and have been leading the second session all term (and helping with the first session). We have 40 families coming along to that session (the same at the first) and we have lots of fun. I love singing and as I don’t worship lead anymore it gives me an opportunity to keep music and singing alive in my life…and hopefully blesses a lot of people at the same time.

Mum and Dad celebrated 64 years of marriage on the 4th of March. Well done I say! We all went out for tea and spent the night chatting about our childhood! We had lots of laughs and I think Mum and Dad realised just how much we appreciated our family and them as our parents. We took some photos outside the restaurant and had a laugh as we looked at the photos. The restaurant name was ‘The Ugly Duck’ and we took the photo under the sign. I was right under it! It was a bit of a shame that Rodney wasn’t there (as all four of us girls were), but we did get a family group photo on Christmas day 🙂

I’ll attach some photos as a sample of the time from November 2011 until now March 2012. Have fun browsing them xx


My baby is growing up!

C6 has had her final day at Sacred Heart College. That means my baby has finished school! How scary is that! Although she is happy and can’t wait to get to Uni next year, I am feeling less excited. Home is not going to be the same without her! At least C5 will still be here (when she isn’t at WITT, the hospital, with her friends or at Powerco…busy girl that she is). Robin and I are going to have lots of time with just the two of us…I guess we will cope 🙂 Mmmm lots of time to scrapbook, do other craft and maybe go away and explore more of NZ and maybe another overseas trip???

Last Tuesday evening we had the school prize giving and then Wednesday night the leavers dinner! C6 had a fantastic time with her friends. This week has started off with exams for her. The first being Statistics at 1pm today. She really needs to get good marks to be accepted into Uni. The type of degree depends on her exam results. It may be Chemical Engineering, but it may also be a Science degree???