And views around the house

Robin and I mowed the lawns last night and the place always looks so much better afterwards. You don’t notice the unpainted outside walls so much and the ‘work in progress’ renovations seems to pale against the lovely show that the trees make at this time of the year. We are really settled in our home and can’t imagine living any where else in the world. But in saying that, we aren’t apposed to a move somewhere else. C1 and D1 have joked about buying a home in Sydney with a Granny flat attached. Now that could be quite tempting! In a years time both girls would have left home and this is a BIG place for just Robin and me. The only positive thing about staying here then, is the fact that we have plenty of room for all the family to come back to…at any time…but especially at Christmas. I just love having us all together. This Christmas is going to be great. C1, D1, G1 and G3 are coming from Sydney; C2 and D2 from London; not sure about C3 and the boys (G2 and G4) but they will probably be here some of the time; C4 and D3 (from Sydney) are coming in the new Year; and of course C5 (and her bf) and C6 live here. It’s going to be fantastic. I can’t wait!

Australian Holiday Sept-Oct 2011

I have just got back home from 15 days in Australia. C1 was going to the Formula 1 car races in Singapore and D1 suggested that I go over to keep her company. Booked a 5 day holiday and then my work said that I needed to take 10 days off in a row…immediately. I didn’t argue! Phoned and changed the flights and ended up with a 15 day holiday. The first 3 days we stayed in Sydney and then we all flew up to Brisbane for 6 days! Stayed at the Hilton and lived the hard life….NOT!!! Visited Australia Zoo, Dreamworld, Southbank Beach and did some shopping….and lots of swimming in the lovely warm hotel pool! Back to Sydney and stayed for the last 4 days..home on the 15th day away! C1 and D1 always spoil me with a wonderful experience every time I stay with them!! And…I just love seeing G1 and G3! My 2 lovely grand daughters. Also spent some time with C4 and D3. They are both doing very well in Sydney and as newly weds…well they haven’t been married for a year yet. I managed to do 15 scrapbook pages using the valuable time every evening. Funny how I manage to get pages done while away on holiday, but not while at home! Darn housework and the busyness of life! Makes me want to quit work and spend more time doing crafts…that I love doing….life is too short…but I do need the money to spend on crafts as well…so I will continue to work!


My latest pages and my new Scrapbook room

So now I have started to set up the new room, and it has been so much fun! I am very spoilt! I didn’t realise just how much scrapbook supplies I have, but I LOVE them all! I thought I would share a few more photos with you. Some of the room and others of my latest pages. I hope you enjoy looking and get inspired to create your own pages

Latest events

Well…I am seriously thinking about finishing up with Stampin Up. (AND I HAVE GIVEN UP). The new catalogue comes out on the 1st of September, and I have a huge decision to make. Do I buy the new products and keep up with all the Stampin Up supplies…or do I finish up and just use the products I already have? They do have some really lovely stamping and scrapbooking supplies available, but as I don’t sell (as a business) it does get a little extravagant buying the products for my own use every quarter….and I do have heaps of supplies! Only trouble is that I now have an amazing scrapbook room! Yes a ROOM! We have converted our family/games room into a big craft/movie room! It is fantastic…and nearly available to use…I just need to load it up!


I am so blessed….I can’t wait to have all my scrapbook supplies set out and have our next Wednesday Scrapbooking group meeting out in the room! Photos will follow I can assure you!

So can you see my dilemma? I could turn Stampin Up into a business and work it from home. But do I want to turn my hobby into my work? Will I still enjoy scrapbooking as much or will it become less interesting because it will be my job?

I have a decision to make and I have to make it before the end of September.

The latest family news is that I have spent today at hospital with C5. She got her Gall Bladder out as it was causing her all sorts of problems and the doctors advice was to get it out so she would be more healthy. I have taken tomorrow off work to pick her up and be her nurse for the day. Me nursing a second year trainee nurse! It is going to be a interesting day. She was looking much better when we left her tonight so hopefully she will be able to just have a restful day reco-operating..and I can just spoil her 🙂

I have also had 2 weeks in Sydney seeing the family there. C1 and D1 went to Singapore for 5 days, so I drove G1 to the bus stop and G3 to school each day. Driving in Sydney isn’t as bad as I though it would be. Once in the car, it was just like driving around home, only the lanes felt a lot narrower! I have taken heaps of photos and will be busy scrapbooking them very soon. I managed to do some scrapbooking while there as well. So in my next post I will try to upload some of my latest pages to share with you.

Until then

Pam P 🙂

Guess what I have been up to???

Well….apart from the usual, housework, mothering, work, along with Stamping and Scrapbooking… I have had the sewing machine out and I have been doing some Patchwork!!!! Yes….I can’t believe it! I haven’t done any patchwork since I was a young thing! Mothers Day was the instigator. I decided to make something for Mum for Mothers Day and just loved the pillows I made so much that I didn’t want to give them away…so I had to make more for me. 3 for Mum and 5 for me!!! That was because I ran out of the material I was using for Mums ones. The ones I kept match our fireplace lounge really well, and I didn’t even think about that when I brought the material. It was such a good bargain I just brought it. I wasn’t even that keen on the patterns but they look great made up. I have now purchased some more material. I’m not sure what I’m going to make yet….but I am hoping for some inspiration. I have found so many neat patterns on the net….so now it’s a matter of just getting into it!!! If I can find time to do that! Life is just too busy! And I still want to find time for scrapbooking….my main passion 🙂

Have a look at what I created and see what you think???

C4 and D3’s Wedding

We have just arrived back home from Featherston, where we celebrated the wedding of C4 (my youngest son) and D3. What an amazing day we had. Everything was beautiful and went perfectly to plan. They are now enjoying their honeymoon and the beginning of life as a married couple. I pray they will be very happy together and will have the grace to love each other always, the committment to stand by each other through every season of their lives, and that they will experience God’s blessing in every way. I love you C4 and D3 xx


So….With Japan now having a massive earthquake followed by a very destructive Tsunami, Robin (my husband) has been hot on the trail of working out why???? He has put his theory on his blog and now spends hours searching the web for more info. Along with his previous passion of proving the ‘global warming’  belief wrong, we now lead a very interesting life! I sit on my computer doing this blog, facebook,  and then also fit in my passion for scrapbooking and mainly music, while he sits on his computer doing his blog and further searching and listening to scientists around the world. We do sit in the same room though and still share meals and coffee breaks. Hehe….actually it works quite well! We are both in our mid fifties, and I seriously wonder what the next decade will be like for us! C5 also shares our lounge room and as she is on her second year of nursing, she also sits at her computer and studies. C6 sits at the BIG lounge table and does her homework, along with keeping up with all her friends via facebook or texts! And….I know that if any of our boys were home, they would be sitting with their laptops as well! We are quite a technology focussed family really. C1’s life is Business cost anaylsis via a computer program. C2 designs and markets Samsung laptops. C3 writes songs and raps on them via the computer, and C4 sells computer games via itunes eg. his new game

On Wednesday we are heading down to C4 and D3’s wedding in Featherston….yay…I can’t wait. They have been going out for 6 years and have amazing lives individually and also together. C4 with his computer stuff and D3 with design and modelling. They live in Sydney and are travelling to New Zealand on Tuesday. C4 was his friends best man only one month ago here in New Plymouth. Here is a photo of them both…

Aren’t they a gorgeous couple. I’ll be adding photos of their wedding as soon as possible 🙂

On the 26th of March I am heading off for a 2 week holiday in Sydney catching up with C1, D1, G1 and G3…and then the last week, C4 and D3 as they should be back from their honeymoon. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again. It’s so sad that it takes a holiday overseas to see family and yet also exciting to be travelling!

But, back to reality. I have so much to do for mainly music before I take off for the wedding and holiday. Mainly music theme day is the first week back and it needs to be organised before I go. So, I need to get planning and preparing!

Lets hope there is also better news concerning Japan and their nuclear woes next time I write. It is such a worry for all! And after so many have already died 🙁

Concert for Christchurch

From 12.51 pm (the time the earthquake struck) until 12.51 am, New Plymouth St Marys hosted a concert in support of the people of Christchurch. Northpoint was given the time slot from 10pm until the finish. C5 and C6 were asked to sing some songs. You should have heard them!!! They were amazing 🙂 C6 played the guitar beautifully and their voices just blended together so well. I sat there feeling so blessed and so very proud. I am sure God has BIG plans for both girls! I just wish I had taken the video camera along so I could share them with you, but I didn’t, so I have attached links to a couple of videos of them playing around at home. Have a listen and tell me what do you think? Good or Great?

Our Kittens

After our beautiful Cat Nala died last year (we had her for 15 years), C5 and her bf arrived home one day with Tyson. A lovely gray and white striped kitten. We all fell in love with him very quickly and he proved to be a cat with character! Sadly Tyson ventured onto the road and was run over! We were all sooo sad 🙁

C5’s friends decided to buy her another kitten for her birthday on the 15th of January. AJ was another kitten that was easy to love. He is a gorgeous stripped tabby kitten with BIG feet, called a polydactyl. Late January we went away to the “Parachute Music Festival” and arrived home to 3 cats! A mother Cat had arrived with her little kitten. You would never believe it but the 3 all looked like they were related…and yet AJ definitely didn’t belong to the mother cat. SPCA was overloaded with cats so we offered to look after these newcomers for 3 weeks unless someone claimed them. 3 weeks later and we are now the proud owners of all 3!!!

Then you would never believe it but on the doorstep one morning we find 4 cats! Another kitten had arrived! This one sounded like it had asthma, and was quite wild! We couldn’t even catch it! For the next 2 weeks it was a challenge to get this kitten from being so scared to be able to feed it from our hands. We achieved this but also noticed that it was getting sicker by the day. Finally we caught her and we took her to the SPCA and found out that she had lung worm! We now have to treat all the other cats as it is contagious. We have left the kitten at the SPCA and now have to make the decision to whether we collect her again or not. Robin says no, 3 is enough! Us girls are BIG softees!

Mother cat (Molly) has been feeding both AJ and Skittles! And they cuddle up and sleep together all the time. AJ is a real character. We find him asleep in the most odd places. Today I found him in the opened dishwasher. I had been stacking dishes and got sidetracked doing something else. Came back, and when I went to shut the dishwasher, he came running out! I will add some photos of him and his various sleeping spots.

Now…do we go pick up the other kitten, or do we take the mother cat to SPCA as well and only keep the 2 other kittens. That is the decision. What do you think???



Saturday the 5th of March

This week has been an emotional one. The clean up is still happening after the BIG earthquake in Christchurch. 165 people died! and possibly more! It is so sad. Jordan (C5’s boyfriend) is back home from University. He couldn’t stay at Canterbury Uni until it was cleaned up, power back on and water running again. He was only there for 10 days and is just managing to cope with the change of plans. C5 on the other hand is delighted to have him back home again! Tonight they have gone out to a dress-up party. I have added some photos of them and also some of my G4.

Don’t they look great!

Judy (my sister) and Len have moved into their new home. They have been busy getting it ready for nearly 3 months after transporting the house onto their farmland. C3 (my son) has been busy doing lots of different labour jobs for them so the job could be made earier. C3 has been demolishing, then rebuilding, making fences, concreting, building decks and heaps more! He has had his mate Colin helping him. I have had the job of looking after G4 every day from 1pm until 5.30pm while they build. That has been lots of fun and yet also very tiring. I haven’t the energy I used to have with young children that I had nearly 20 years ago. G4 is a very active little man but is growing up into a lovely little chappy. He will be 2 on the 25th of May. My baby C6 turned 17 on the 24th of February, and G1 (my grand daughter) turned 14 on the same day!

Mum and Dad have celebrated their wedding anniversary yesterday (the 4th of March). They have been married for an amazing 63 years. Congratulations Mum and Dad…you are a fantastic example for us all and we all love you xoxo.

Today has been a wet day and I have taken advantage of the opportunity to stay indoors and scrapbook! I love days when I can sit and scrap and not worry about anything else! I did do some housework though. I managed to stew up lots of apples from our trees and got 3 2litre containers full and into the freezer. I now have 5 containers in there ready for winter. The tree is still laden with beautiful apples so I plan on getting many more done….hopefully.

I will put up some photos of the scrapbooking on the next post 🙂